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Due to a house move, cant really accommodate my current system Nait3, CDP3.5, and Flatcap so I’m looking towards buying the Naim Unity Atom. Have copied all my CDs onto the PC , I also know I will not use a record player, and only very occasionally use headphones. If anything I might try and use it to play videos from SkyQ via the television via HDMI so would it be better to buy the new “HE” version or the original model.
Speakers are ATC SCM 11 Mk2 connected with Naca 5 cables

Thanks again


No amp in the Atom HE so would need a separate one

Also eddiemac the Atom HE is designed around the use of very good headphones so if your aren’t really into that them just go for the normal Atom which is all in one and you can still use headphones with it anyway

There is no HDMI input on the Atom HE. In reality this may be a good thing as HDMI ARC is notoriously unreliable for many users so you might be better off using an optical digital connection.

Hi @eddiemac , how big is the new room? ATC speakers really respond to more power. If your budget can stand it, you might want to look at a Star or even a Nova, perhaps used, in anything above a pretty small room.


Thanks for the reply’s. Interesting to hear about HDMI not being very stable. Could possibly stretch to a used Star/Nova at a push, but have read good things about the Atom driving a multitude of different speakers so was hoping it would fine. Again I’m open to opinions as im a long way from a Naim dealer so might have to buy without hearing first. Not ideal I know.

The old room was 18ft long by 13ft wide. The new room will be 15ft long by 12ft wide. Both times the speakers will be on the longer length and about 8/10 ft apart.

Thanks again all for your input


It’s about of game of chance.

Some TV models work just fine as intended, some don’t, and some don’t reliably.
If it does not work, you can contact Naim support, and they’ll see, if they can improve firmware on their side. There have been reports on the forum, when TV firmware updates either broke or fixed issues.
It will be he same on Atom/Star/Nova, I guess, since they all use the same implementation and firmware.

:thinking: Some reliable statistics or „checked working combinations/compatibility list“ would be great. Anybody knows, if something like this exists somewhere?

(Seems HDMI(ARC) has many optional features, loose specifications, vendor specific implementations, … which lead to this unfortunate situation. Sound wise it’s the same like e.g. SPDIF, but there’s the remote control of volume and input selection it enables.)

My HDMI worked flawlessly for 1 year. Then both the Atom and my TV had an update within a few days of one another and it hasn’t worked ever since. I have now abandoned the input completely until one of the devices does another update then I’ll try again.

I will add that it is an awesome amp and I would still add a Nova to the house when I can afford to. I intend on having them years. Longer than the tv’! so I expect the HDMI issues will only be temporary and shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

I have a Nova with ATC SCM 11 arriving on Thursday, this is going into a asymmetrical room with vaulted ceiling.

I expect you’ll get away with an Atom in that room, but if your budget will stretch that far and you’re able to audition, say a Nova, I’d do that. Those ATCs are very transparent and will reveal any improvements in source/amp. Whatever you do I hope you get many hours of musical pleasure from your new system.


Turning off HDMI eARC in the TV settings has helped some users.

Thanks all for taking time to reply. Appreciated. Looks like the way forward is to at least try and get a demo of not just the Atom but possibly the Nova regardless of distance.

Kend. The ATC SCM11 are in my opinion very, very good. They did take a LONG time to sound their best but worth the wait. Sounds like your in for a treat when matched with the Nova

Thanks again


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