Unity Core - 1st split second issue

I have a Unity Core. When I use the digital S/PDIF connection, the first split second of the first song cuts out. Any solutions?

Is this a longstanding problem or has it just started to happen?

If it has just started to happen then I suggest restarting the Core, so take the power right off, wait a few seconds and connect the power again.



What DAC are you using the Core with ?

Ran mine on spdif for a long time…
Never had this issue so would suggest a connection or compatibility issue with the DAC?

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That’s why I was wondering what DAC it is. Some take a small amount of time to lock to a S/PDIF signal. I’m not sure if the Core leaves it S/PDIF interface idling when no track is selected.

I fed my core directly into my NDS
Guess naim to naim did not cause an issue

Thanks! Hadn’t even considered that the problem might be with my Lyngdorf. I’ll take it up with them.

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