Unity core and direct connection to an external DAC

Thinking of buying a Uniti Core to rip my cd collection to. Primarily to stream to my Muso Qb in another room. I notice that the Core has an SPDIF connection on the back, presumably to allow direct connection (wired) to an external DAC?

Does anyone know if I can use this to connect it directly to my Linn Numeric DAC and then use the app to stream through that? Or would I need a streamer as well?

All i can find on the internet says that this is possible, but wondering if anyone has actually done this.

Work very well
I use a Core with a Chord Dac
Still use the naim app to control but not internet radio or tidal .

It will work fine, even on a naim streamer you can use the Core spdif output, but run the music from the Naim Core app. So your Linn dac will be fine. There are other cheaper options from Innuos, but i have found the Core myself to be really easy to use, and sounds great.

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I use the Core into the Naim DAC in one system. Works really well, and can be controlled through the app very easily. It can of course still serve any Naim streamers in your home as well.

The one thing the Naim Core has over the Innous is the OS isn’t on the HD and the HD is user replaceable if it should fail on the Core.

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If you use the Core into your DAC it should work very well over SPDIF, and you will be able to browse and select music from the Naim app. What you won’t be able to do is control volume on the Naim app unless you use a Naim streamer.

Thanks for all the replies. Looks like a trip to my local dealer is my my near future.:grinning:

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