Unity core v.s Melco D100

Any competition between Unity Core against Melco D100 only for ripping CD’s…any experience guys,if so what’s your preference?

I hope to have a D100 in the next week or two
But how it rips vs a naim Core may be a hard one to compare
I have a few servers at home, Naim Core , Zenith Mk 3 and a Melco N 100 ( arriving in a day or two )
So I can rip CDs to the N 100 and rip them on the Core but I do expect the two to sound different.
Is there a particular question you had ?
Like speed of rip maybe ?
Let me know and I will do my best to give you the answer


Have you tried to compare, perhaps, the rips by the core vs rips by the zenith mk3 ?

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Not yet but that’s one of my plans, just put in the Melco switch so I wanted to make sure everything is run in and maximized
Still running in the ethernet cables as well
I even ran 3 different types of Ethernet cables from the modem to the switch to see if there is any auditable difference.
So it will take a bit to run those all in
Have Cisco 2960’s with stock power supply and one with a linear supply to A/ B/ C/

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Speed ripping is not important to me… I only care in terms of sound between Melco vs Core…please give me when it`s possible for you an answer…thanks

There should be no differences between Uniti Core, Melco D100, dBpoweramp or other software for ripping w.r.t. audio quality. If differences are found, it means that some of the devices are defect or that the replay system is handling data generated by different devices differently.

There are a few threads on here about the D100, might be a good idea to do a search and have a good read, as plenty off good advice and views

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So Melco. A lot have reported on it ( maybe 6 members).
All having found Melco D100 rips better vs Dbpoweramp and also a few found it better vs the Core.
But in each case it’s a stressful subject. Some think it’s impossible, a rip is a rip. But they have even never tried, which makes me very tired. The same for expensive Ethernet cables…
Good luck!


It’s endless possibilities here … having the time to try these things is now possible. But it can get costly, I still think we are at the tip of the iceberg with streaming, be fun to read these posts in 15 years

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Including your own experience?

But I believe in it, I have read nobody here saying that Melco rips are inferior or similar to Dbpoweramp. All found them better.
I compared my Naim Unitserve rips vs Dbpoweramp , played on a Melco server. I preferred Unitserve rips.

That’s interesting Frenchrooster, I do have a HDX ( old technology by today’s standards ) but I can add that in my comparisons

Hdx , if powered by an xps or 555, may even be better ( quieter vs Unitserve). Just thinking, but may be wrong too.

Good idea I have a 555 dr I can add but this will have a lot of things to add to the list LOL
will have to check to male sure I have the correct bundy

Ask to continue one month more the Covid isolation. You will have plenty of time :rofl:

For the Hdx / ps vs Unitserve, rips comparing, it was just an hypothesis. I don’t know really.
Have just compared Unitserve rips vs Dbpoweramp on my dell pc, both played on Melco , streamed by Nds.
For Melco ripper vs other ripping software, I am convinced by the members who tried and commented.

I like to try things for my self
Everyone’s system / network / noise on AC lines
Stands / speakers / acoustics are different.
I’m set up with 5 dedicated outlets so I’ve even compared different types of outlets.
All my gear is below my listening room, speaker wire is in conduits that run to the speakers so the gear is out of the way.
I can actually do bind A/B testing ( with the help of my wife who is actually into music and does enjoy trying to pick out changes )
And switching between servers is simple with the Naim app.

I’ve done this comparison, the UnitiCore was significantly better. It was no contest. The Melco used a cheap wall wort power supply, the rips sounded dreadful. Even the dealer agreed the Naim was better.

The UnitiCore is an exceptional ripper, but lacks a much needed internal switch. I huge oversight on the part of Naim.

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Hi Chris think we kind of need more info then that “the Core was better”
And I do also like the Core I have a Core sitting on the shelf above my Zenith Mk 3
So many things can effect a demo and the quality of rips. ( even with the Zenith and the Core I find the better they are set up the better the rip sounds )
What gear is plugged into, like plugs / power bars etc and as we all know equipment stands.
Also how things are set up to rip.
What we started out trying to find out was ( is ) if a Melco D 100 sounds different/ the same as, or better then a Core for ripping CDs
This may require a couple of Melco servers to find out and this all maybe a complete waste of time but time is one thing that is very abundant right now.

Also wanted to add that just because a product uses a “ walwert “ doesn’t make it cheap or worse there are more things at play with electronics.

My dealer has always liked the Melco products, but recently tried a range of Plixir power supplies instead of the walwart. He found a marked improvement for the switch and servers, so i think Chris is correct in questioning the Melco supplied power supply. To me £2k for a switch that still needs a better power supply is a step too far for me.