Unity Nova or Atom with Monitor Audio Silver 200

I new to the forum and I am planning to upgrade my current system to Unity Range
Quite happy with my current Monitor Audio Silver 200 (8 Ohms, recommended amplifier 60-150W)
Would paying extra £2100 for Nova justify itself or should I stick with Atom?

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Welcome to the Forum. The Uniti (with an i) boxes are very good and either would suit your speakers I’m sure. I’d say that if you plan to get better speakers in the future, you should get the Nova now if that’s possible. You really do need to take a listen, as the price difference is not insignificant.

Yes, the superiority of the Uniti Nova is clear to hear with Silver 200’s or almost any comparable pair of loudspeakers :+1: Simple :slightly_smiling_face:

Great, thank you for advice
Was also told 2 weeks wait for Atom and up to 2 months for Nova… probably due to global semiconductor shortage

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Following on from @hungryhalibut’s point I’ve heard the Nova with some quite high end speakers, the Kudos 505/606, and it really equips itself well. In fact at the Bristol show several years back the 505 match up was viewed as one of the best sounds of the show and one Naim dealer recommends the pairing on his website.

ive got the atom with those speakers and think its a very good match. Although the point above is probably valid, f you plan on changing the speakers in the next few years then probably best to go for the nova

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Had demo yesterday, didn’t manage to spot much difference between Atom & Nova on Silver 200, but decided to invest into future and placed an order for Nova.
Was quoted 12 weeks waiting

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