Unity Nova overheating

Has anyone else had issues with their streamer overheating please? mines been like it since purchased, it mainly happens when played loud. Paired with B&W 704s and in free air. I had a different make from the shop when they tried to find the fault, the replacement, less powerful amp was fine at similar volume.

What do you mean by overheating? Does it cut out, cool down then restart. The Nova from memory if pushed hard can be warm to the touch…….are you saying it feels too hot to touch?

The casework is also the heat sink for cooling purposes, so comparison with another make is perhaps not relevant.
If it’s musical fidelity “can fry an egg on it” hot then that’s too much. If it’s nice ‘n’ toasty then it’s within its normal operating temperature range.

It cuts out with an alarm symbol (triangle) then cools and restarts after a while.

yes, to hot to touch.

What’s the speaker cable? How long and how terminated at the amp end?

I’m at work atm, so will need to check the make of it. They’re not quite the same length, rookie error, ones 6 metres and one 3 metres. I’ve got the naim black connectors going in to the amp (not soldered).

You have the cable fitted with Naim SA8 speaker connectors but they’re not soldered?

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How…??? :astonished:

This is madness…:face_with_spiral_eyes:

Do you not think that this might be the root of the problem…???

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Maybe I should solder them tonight then :grimacing: :grimacing:
Thank you

As the other amp was fine I thought it’ll be ok until I got new speaker wire.

Cabling aside, the B&W’s are quite a demanding speaker for an amp which is pushed volume-wise, being 88db/w/m as tested by What HiFi, with an impedance dip to 3.1 ohms i.e. they can suck a lot of current from an amp, which means it will be working hard = inclined for a Nova to get warm/hot.

If you’re not hooking up the cables correctly, this will add to the issues – i.e. you want equal length cables of the right sort (as reco’ed by Naim) with proper connections and terminations.

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I’ve had my Nova since launch and it never gets hot or evem warm to the touch. In comparison my NAP 250 would regularly overheat and wimp out if I had a party so I’m not a light user. I would get it checked out if I were you

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Whereas my Nova always gets pretty hot if the digital part of it is at all stretched and that’s with the power amp section unused as I have an outboard more powerful power amplifier.

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Speaker cables now soldered to Naim SA8 plugs, overheated yesterday after four songs at volume 74. About to call shop.

What is the speaker cable?

What cables are you actually using?

Just got there before me!

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volume 74? blimey, how loud do you want it?

Speaker cable