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Hi folks

I bought a Unity Nova and am trying to set it up to stream through a WD Mycloud with mixed results. The app only appears to recognise the music that I’ve ripped if my computer is on. Obviously the problem is something I’m doing wrong but I can’t seem to find a set up guide anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find such a guide as this is my first dive into the world of streamers. When it works though it is unbelievable. Thanks :smiley:

Off the top of my head do you have server switched on in other settings in the app

Hi - yes there’s a green circle next to it. It’s so strange - now my computer is on the app has picked up all of the albums on the nas again, whereas I tried with no joy to get it working before turning the computer on.

It’s also playing tracks in alphabetical order instead of the correct track listing but that’s a battle for when I’ve got it all working :joy:

I’ve just switched my computer off whilst streaming a song and the Naim app lost contact with my songs. Pc back on and it works again so I’ve obviously installed it incorrectly but I can’t find any clear guides to help a novice such as myself.

When the Nova streams from a source, it looks for a media server to stream the music to it. That media server will be running a protocol known as DLNA (also called UPNP). From what you’re describing it sounds as though the media server it is accessing is the Windows one which is serving the content from your MYCloud. What does the Nova call the server?
I don’t know the MyCloud, but a quick look at the WD site suggests it runs the Plex media server. Can you have a look at the MYCloud settings and see if Plex is enabled/turned on? If not, enable it and I suspect the Nova will then show you two servers to choose from.

As Eoink said you need to download Plex for the Nova to play from the WD MyCloud. There are some issues in getting Plex and Naim to play nicely if you have ripped CDs with naim gear because naim rips have a non standard file structure, one way round this is to rip to FLAC. If you have ripped CD to WAV with most other available rippers all should be fine.

The WD My Cloud runs Twonky as media server so PLEX should not be required.

Ah thanks Toe, the WD front page mentioned Plex and not Twonky, I didn’t go any further. So the advice changes to go to the MyCloud admin and see if Twonky is enabled.

That doesn’t explain why you need the computer switched on. Are you sure you’re seeing Twonky, not Plex or another server on your Windows machine? What do you see when you open the Server input in the Naim app?

Chris, Toe isn’t the OP, just correcting my misunderstanding of the WD media server.

Aaaah, yes, I missed that Toe isn’t the OP! FWIW, I use a MyCloud for backup, for which it seems pretty good, but it doesn’t seem to have a great reputation as a music store/server, and there have been quite a few posts here from people having issues with them. The usual recommendation is to use a QNAP, Synology or Netgear NAS, as these seem to work well with well regarded music server like Asset and Minimserver.

My understanding was that Twonky does not work on all WD Mycloud versions, or didn’t when I tried to install it. Will go and have another look at the Twonky web pages.

This setting turns on the built in server in the Nova. It won’t have any effect on other servers on the network.

Thanks for the advice folks. The nova just won’t recognise the mycloud in the server list. I’ve even enabled Plex as there is a Plex guide in the gui - but It just sees my desktop. I do wonder as mentioned above whether it isn’t an ideal nas for this. Can anyone recommend a good one that isn’t going to break the bank that definitely works!

On the WD My Cloud dashboard, select settings-media. Make sure media streaming is set to on in the DLNA Media Server section.
Your Nova should see this.
I assume your NAS is connected to your router?

This Synology DiskStation DS718+ 2-Bay NAS Enclosure is available from B&H Photo for $399.00 then you would have to buy the two disks for it. You can find cheaper if this is too expensive.

I have been running a Synology 8TB DS716+II 2-Bay with two 4TB Red 5400 rpm SATA III 3.5" Internal NAS HDD Retail Kit for 3 years without any issues.

Old MyCloud’s had Twonky, not so sure about the newer ones, though you may need to enable the server if it is there.

You may have mentioned, but how is your MyCloud connected to your network?

It’s not directly connected to your computer is it?

If you want a simple solution, copy your music library onto a USB drive and connect it to the Nova front or rear USB port. Find it in the Server input under Local Music.

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