Unity Star remote control

Another annoying issue with my Star. It has been eating batteries since the originals ran out. Last lot have only lasted 5 days. I only control the volume and eject CDs with it. So is the remote broken or is it just another of those things that I’ll have to put with?
Anyone else having this problem?

Sorry should have said Star remote control at the start! Thought it but didn’t type it!

That doesn’t sound right to me. I don’t use the remote on my Atom very often, but the original batteries have lasted for 18 months. I’d get it checked out by your dealer.

Are you sure it’s the batteries or is it just unpairing itself?

I’ve been experiencing the exact same issue with my atom’s remote since I’ve got it: replaced the batteries 3 times in just a year and yet i only use it for the volume and to put the atom into standbye.
Have no clue why this is happening, paired the remote several times with the atom after a factory reset, but I’m still experiencing the same thing again and again. I ended up putting the remote back into the atom’s package.

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