Unity2 display controls

I got a used Unity2, thanks for forum members I got the password entered in for our router and am listening to iRadio.
The guy that owned it before me had the clock running all the time, since the display is O-LED it got burned in. Somehow he was able to turn down the brightness of the display so you can barely see it, and also it is only lit up for one second at a time. The manual does not address how to adjust these things- only clock/logo on-off.
Does anyone know how to adjust the brightness and duration of the display?
Thanks in advance

Those displays can fail as they get older, and it sounds to me like yours is on the way out. They can be replaced, but it’s quite expensive.

Use the spanner button on the remote, scroll down to Front Display and you will find the options. I don’t think you can change the brightness.

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