Unity2 WiFi setup- password entry

I just bought a used Unity2 and am trying to connect to the internet, I found our account but when trying to enter the password I am having problems. The first letter is a capitol L and when I use the button to scroll to L it puts in JKL like that was part of the password. How do you actually use this remote to enter a password? I want to stream internet radio… that is why I bought this unit.
Thanks for any help!!!

Try tapping the “JKL” button 3 times quickly, to hopefully just type the letter “L”.

That worked great, now how do you enter the letter? If you hit OK to enter that letter (in this case the letter “L”) it tries to connect.

If the next letter is one from a different key just carry on. If it’s another letter on the same key, just wait a little until it realises you’ve moved on. Click okay when you’ve finished the last letter.

Gavin, are you saying that once I get to the letter I am looking for I just let the display set on that letter (or number) until it registers with the unit and then go to the next letter or number until I am done… then hit the OK button?
I am determined to make this work even though the instructions are worse than stuff that comes from China!

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Yes, that’s exactly how you do it. You can arrow back and delete if you make mistakes as well. Good luck, nice piece of kit.

Hi @WireNut

The original Uniti range uses the ‘sms’ text entry standard to enter text. At the time (12 years ago) most mobile phones used this method for entering text.

Here is a short video on the subject:


Steve Harris
Software Director

Guys, thanks so much! I will get this bad boy set up - I am determined!
It has been been burning in for five days and is really starting to come around, it takes a long time to break in!

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