UnityQute2 as a Streamer/DAC

After a home demo of NDX2 that left me with mix feelings in terms of value for money for getting rid of my CDX2 and going full way the streaming route, all my CDs are already ripped in a NAS in FLAC format, I was trying to get Tidal in my UnityQute2, in order to use it as a streamer/dac only and so I upgrade it to 4.6.0 firmware only to discover that no Tidal and (after a factory reset) no remote. Ups…
So, I went back and put 4.4.0 and finally got Tidal but no remote.
Contacted Naim suport they give me instructions to pair the remote, and it has paired well in number 2.
Problem is that now the UnityQute2 remote and the standard 282 remote both control the volume of the 2 equipments…
So… 2 questions:

  1. Anyone is using 4.7.0 firmware on a UnityQute2 ? Makes sense to upgrade from 4.4.0 ?
  2. How to disable volume control on the UnityQute2 in order to control the volume only in the 282 preamplifier ?
    Thks in advance.

Regarding the first question, you should upgrade to 4.7 because that has specific Tidal fixes in it.

The problem you hit of no Tidal with 4.6 is a result of going to 4.6 from a firmware state lower than 4.4. This is a known issue which is fixed either by going back to 4.4 and then going to 4.6 or 4.7 or alternatively by going from the non-Tidal 4.6 to 4.7, as 4.7 includes the Tidal library missing from 4.6.




You can’t disable the volume control on the Unitiqute and unfortunately the remote handset works both the Unitiqute and NAC 282 volume controls (as you are probably aware). A risky combination and not recommended, as I found out to my cost when I blew the tweeter in one my speakers. A lesson learned; as well as being a couple of hundred pounds lighter in pocket buying a new tweeter and some time removing the damaged one and soldering in its replacement. You could however run the digital output from the Unitiqute to a separate DAC and then into the 282.

Luis, you can change the ir codes for the UQ remote to avoid the clash. See https://www.naimaudio.com/sites/default/files/products/downloads/files/naimuniti_troubleshooting_guide_v3-1.pdf

The same procedure works for the uq

Thks David,
I will update to 4.7.0

Thks, Gavin,
So you say that I can put the UQ remote in one channel (via aux+info+disp) and the 282 remote in another in order to avoid the clash. I will try it.

Thanks, WhatshisNaim. It´s a pitty that the UQ doesn´t have a fixed volume option in order to avoid those incidents.

Hi, @Louis_lx. Used NDX or NDX-FM might be the right solution. I run the latter in my main system, connected to my UQ2 in zone 2 office.

Even over the long wires, playing the NDX on the UQ2 sounds obviously-better than the streamer built into the UQ2.

The UQ2 is a better amp than many will ever know.


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Change the code set on the uq. Set it’s volume to match another source on the 282, then just use the 282 remote to change the volumes. Effectively keeps the quote at a fixed level.

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Thks, Nick.
My UQ2 + Dynaudio X12 + VDH cable makes a wonderfull 2º system, so I agree with you the UQ2 built in amp is very good.
For my main system, I was considering sell the CDX2 and bring a NDX2 but the improvement with my CD library is not clear.

I kept my CD, even though I use the NDX-FM much more. CD is a good reference, and fun to use, on occasion.



Nick and I seem to deploy the NDX and UQ2 in the same way. While the UQ2 punches way above it’s weight, if your goal is to get anything like the enjoyment from streaming as the CDX2, the UQ2 isn’t gonna do it.

The NDX, on the other hand, stands a fair chance. But it is voiced differently to the CDX2. It’s more laid back and an XPS makes it more laid back still. So whether you ever like it enough to supplant the CDX2 is another matter of personal preference.

A used NDX, where the user always had the screen off, or of price low enough to offset a screen replacement, would be my choice.

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I ran a UQ1 as a streamer into a DAC V1 via spdif for awhile. The original original microRendu via USB was better - the upgraded microRendu to 1.4 (board with a better clock) and their UltraSupply just trounces it. I can only imagine their ultra or opticalRendu’s even better. That said, the UQ1 is still doing service in the office and punching way above it’s weight - though I am feeding it with Roon via the Bridge software on the rendu.

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