Universal remote for early 52?

I know, this has been asked before. My 52+PS is just back from servicing at Naim HQ. It has the earliest remote, and the up volume hasn’t worked for a while. Naim couldn’t update the 52 to accept newer remotes, of which I have plenty.
Is there any point in buying a universal learning remote? Anyone tried this? Or another workable solution?

Many thanks,


There have been old threads on just this subject. Your best bet is probably to keep an eye out for a replacement original NAC52 remote.

By all means try a learning remote -that sounds like the best idea and insurance for the future too, but if the up function on your existing NAC52 remote isn’t working I’m not sure how a learning remote will be able to learn that function, unless you can get it to work temporarily on the off 52 remote.

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