Unlevel floor and what to do

…plus the different effects of a shelving unit on the left quite close to the speaker, vs sofa on the right a little further from the speaker.

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Yup. Almost creates a boxed in area on the left. Why I think that if the resonance can be deadened there it may help.

Yes that area does create a lot of room resonance which doesn’t help. Unfortunately the other half had ruled out any room treatments I have tried thus far due to esthetics which I agree with as its a living room not a studio.

Ah yes! But one does get some very partner friendly wall hangings…

“Look at this stunning Lady and the Unicorn handwoven tapestry I got you!” :innocent:

I very much doubt a couple of cm height difference would even be audible. The problem is, I’d suggest, due to sound bouncing off the side of the cupboard on the left and being muffled by the arm of the sofa on the right.

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You would be surprised as it does effect it. Yes the other factors play their role but so does this. Not making it up it changes it and brings it more in line. I would not be posting otherwise.

That would not cut it I am afraid.

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I don’t think it’s surprising at all, it seems a similar difference as when toeing-in speakers or tilting them back, and nobody doubts that one

Don’t think anyone is doubting it is happening. More debating the cause of the change. If the room was symmetrical the small change could be undetectable.

But as sound waves are quite possibly bouncing all over in the corner due to the flat surfaces facing at each other, raising or lowering could change how that happens. Moving them side to side or front to back or toeing in or out would probably also affect it.

Sorry if this is already known but found a nice explanation of what could be happening in the following article under the heading Wave Interference: https://www.sciencelearn.org.nz/resources/2816-sound-wave-interference


It looks like you have gone extra critical with the way your speakers are set up. Small high quality standmounts - what with their shortcomings with floorstanders, but having that particular thing over them - imaging and breezy excitement. They are really showing up your floor level.
The one thats 3mm lower, you could try moving it 3mm forward. Could perhaps solve the balance but your imaging could still be wonky.
Perhaps some ninja voodoo set up skills are needed. I’m sure you’ve already got a few.

Are those Solid Steel stands? If so, I think the top plate is MDF, and I imagine it would be easy enough to make a thicker plate the same size, paint it black and sit it on top. Maybe a plan B if using longer studs doesn’t work.

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Yep they are solid steel stands. It’s the best plan b I have so thanks for seeding it.

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