Unraveling Music Files

I recently got a Nova. I have around .8 of a Terabyte of music on a NAS and USB drive. The data and file structure are kind of a jumbled mess. A mix of folders, sub folders, individual tracks, etc. Somehow, Sonos manages to put it all together into a coherent structure of artist-album-track for easy searching and play back. The Nova shows me the jumbled mess when I access these drives, doesn’t find and re-construct all the data. Anybody dealt with this? My solution so far is to just use sonos when I want t hear stuff in my own library.

You need to look at your UPnP server. Plenty of advise on the Forum (new and old). Research Asset or minimServer. This program will sit either on your computer or depending on your NAS it can go there as well and will sort the jumble for you. If stuck I suggest a conversation with the dealer who sold you the Nova (if that’s how you purchased it).

Synology 918+

It’s the UPnP server running on your NAS that matters, rather than the NAS itself.

Naim is on my network, sees music music files stored on NAS, and will play them. Issue is, files are a mess. How to get Naim to see other server software stored on NAS that could better organize music (if that’s what is needed).

You need to install Asset or MinimServer. Asset is easier. The Naim will then find it. Key to all this is getting your metadata absolutely spot on. Tidy metadata is happy metadata.

These are not at all good pre-conditions for an enjoyable streaming experience. You need to make sure that your files are properly tagged and then use a UPnP server that can be configured to your needs. MinimServer is the best one in my view, Asset is also very good if you do not need a lot of fine grain control. Read the MinimServer documentation (even if you use Asset) and try to get 30-60 albums cleaned up and well served before you tackle the whole collection. If your collection is really a mess, it might take you months to clean it up. If you do not like this work or if you cannot afford doing it, you might consider moving to Roon. Good luck and … do not give up!

Thanks all. I think I’ll just use sonos when I want to access my ripped music files on the NAS and USB drive (same stuff) . Sonos somehow makes sense of the mess of files, almost all are red book FLAC’s, so I’m not missing any hi res. More servers and screwing around with metadata and file structures sounds like more work and added complexity in the system. I usually stream from Qobuz anyway, even titles I’ve got in my library.
Naim app seems pretty good so far. May add roon in the future.

I use mp3tag to sort out tagging of Flac files on my Qnap NAS. Minim server picks these up without a problem.

jmtennapel: Thank you. I’ll give it a try, won’t throw in the towel just yet. I’m only a week or so in with the Naim, still much to learn.

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