Unresponsive/inconsistent On/Off Display option on Atom following latest update

Hi all,
I’m just wondering whether othes here have the same issue. My Atom is running the last update just released and soundwise, it sounds fabulous.
However, I noticed that the Display On/Off within the app is not being refleted consitently without interacting with the volume buttons or switching between sources, e.g. while streaming from Core, if I choose to turn the display off, it’ll go off, but if after a few seconds I decide to turn it back on, then the display will remain off even if the tickbox is grey within the app, without interacting with switching to another source or the volume controls
Same thing if doing the reverse, if the display is on and I try to turn it back on, it’ll go on. But if I decide to turn it back off, same issue it will not immediately turn off, without interacting with switching to another source or the volume controls

Do you get the same issues ?

Hi Bouba,

Here’s a description of the new display auto off during playback setting:

When the setting is disabled, as per the default, the display will turn off after 2 hours if audio is playing.

When the setting is enabled via the app in Settings -> Other settings, the display will turn off after 10s when audio is playing. It will wake up on front panel proximity sense or when remote buttons are pressed (volume etc.).

When audio is not playing, the display will turn off after 20 minutes, regardless of the position of the ‘display off during playback’ setting.

This is not answering to my questions which is : is it normal that when enabling (display-off) or disabling (display-on) the setting , it’s not immediately reflected on the Atom, no matter the previous status of the display. I’m talking about huge latency where the chosen option will not be reflected on the unit until you switch source or set the volume up and down. I mean changing the setting should be immediately be reflected on the Atom’s display without requiring another action.

If the display is on and you enable the auto off setting, it will take 10s for the display to turn off

If the display is off with the auto off setting enabled, and you disable the setting, the display will not wake up until you wake it up manually with a volume change or similar

No issues with my nova in display on or off. Try reset?

I finally get. Many thanks then if this is the normal behavior but I personally find it kind of misleading

Thanks for the feedback - we will look to improve the description of the feature within the app.

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Please describe what is “Music Server” mode. Until now I have no idea what does it mean.

If you have music on a drive connected to the USB port, this enables a UPnP server on the streamer, which can serve files to that device, and to other UPnP devices streaming on your network.

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Ah, thanks. I was expecting this but for me was not clear when the Server Mode becomes active.

Hi @Will This is completely off-topic, but while you are here (as there is no beta running)…

If I connect a USB drive to my Atom front port, the display lists Front twice, which is a little confusing. Only one of the two shows the music on the drive. Similarly, connecting to the rear port, Rear is listed twice.

I think this issue has been around for a while, so possibly already on your to-do list?

This is fine with an USB-SSD I’m using on my rear port. (Just shows once.)

Something like this could happen, if the USB device would contain more than 1 partition. (E.g. by purpose for different data partitions; or if it’s an UEFI enabled boot device, those have 1-2 extra partitions just for supporting to boot an OS from it.)
Then there’s more than 1 “logical drive”. In such a case, to help confusion of users, it might be an option to a) give the different partitions discernible names or b) to hide those, which don’t contain any music files.

For me, the “server mode” “just” enables access from other UPnP devices. When going to “server” as input on my Atom, I always have “locally stored music” (translated back to English) available - irrespective of “server mode” setting.

When we talk about front and rear port, my Naim diler advised me than Rear port is more quality for USB HDD. What is your oppinion?

HI, I see what you mean, but I certainly haven’t created any partitions on the drives I’ve used. I’m currently using a WD My Passport HDD on which I simply copied the music folder from my NAS and plugged it into the Atom.

I’ve just looked, and you are right. I remember enabling server mode for the first time, and before doing that, the USB drive was not visible in the server input, but perhaps this has changed with a firmware update?

I have always had 2 USB options appear when I switch on my SSD that is connected to the rear of my Atom as well. No partitions made.

I normally guess the drive that is empty.

Wow, this is definitely unwanted behaviour now. I want this display always ON. Just like it always was. So now with this new firmware, it is decided by Naim that the display shall always switch off after 2 hours, despite the setting ? This is a major setback. I am often sitting for more than 2 hours listening to music and seeing hwat music is playing on the display, and I guess so are many more. Whoever thought that it would be better to switch it off ??

A lot of people prefer displays to be off for various reasons - distraction; they know what is playing as they selected it; perceived improvement in SQ etc.

You can always active the proximity sensor or press a button on the remote…

Rather have they did not change the behavior. Now I always have to perform an action. this is in contrast with the setting. If I choose not to switch off the display, then it also should not switch off after 2 hours … Pressing a button is a tiny action, if this always has a result. But sometimes it refuses to switch on again and I have to switch the unit off/on. I am disappointed.