Unti Core question

Evening…does anyone know offhand if it is possible to check the Internal storage on the Core to check on available free space ?

Yep, go into manage music> configure music stores>view stores…then exit without pressing any buttons to wipe the store!

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Alternatively, if you’re a Mac user, navigate to the Core folders, control-click, select Get Info, and you’ll see the size of the folder.

Should this be done via the app, say on iPad ?..sorry if this seems a daft question.

I don’t think he wants to wipe the store, he wants to see how much storage he has available on the SSD.
You find that in the App, but I am not at home right now to check how exactly to do it.

Correct… I just want to check the available remaining disc space NOT wipe the disc !:grin:

You do it on the App go the cogg wheel top right hand and follow my previous instructions and exit the App after you find how much storage space is available. Or do as Chris suggested as an alternative.

Thanks for the help !

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