Update fo MQA

Now is time for MQA suport for Uniti sesries. Any rumor?
I waiting…

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I haven’t read or heard that there was any interest in developing MQA support for Naim products.

Personally, I don’t have any interest in using it…


If you search you’ll find an enormous tomb of a thread on MQA. The gazillion posts can be summarised as:

  • There are those that fully endorse MQA.
  • There are those who think it’s a bloody waste of time.
  • Naim are the latter.
  • There’s almost no one on the middle ground.
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Dear Naim: please don’t waste time and resources on MQA, which has no real consumer benefit. Please do continue supporting open, non-proprietary standards.


I’m not sure where you got that from, but I think you’ll find that they are more open minded than that, and if MQA gains enough in popularity, who knows…


I’m certainly interested in MQA. Tidal have a much larger catalogue and global coverage than Qobuz. So, in terms of Naim providing customer choice, providing for MQA has merits.


Perhaps you would think differently if Qobuz was available to you?


Possibly, but I think more choice is good and Tidal is quite a bit cheaper I think?

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Always wondered how the licenses work in these scenarios. Would Naim have pay a fee per box? I guess that’s the case now with Bluetooth or even tidal. I don’t know.

Interesting though.


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In UK Tidal is £20/month. Qobuz offer ‘Studio’ package which is hi-res streaming but you don’t get access to cheap hi-res purchases. Studio is £25/month or £250 for 12 months. At annual fee is now same price as Tidal

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The Dac inside Naim streamers is from the 90’s years. So I don’t see how Naim could update something to decode MQA.
Perhaps with future Naim streamers, using more modern dacs.
But will they give that Naim organic, articulated and involved sound we like?
The only Dac I heard which is not too far is from Audiomat maestro reference, which uses AKN inside.

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The current Naim streamers are technically capable of handling MQA. I think you’ll find that the streamer board and DSP will be doing the work, not the actual DAC chip.

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Yes, I was referring to the Dac chip.


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By the time the stream hits the DAC chip, it will have been reconstructed into a regular 24/96 (or whatever) stream, which that prehistoric chip will be quite capable of handling. OK, it’s not quite bit perfect, but it will play.

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