Update for MuSo 2nd Gen

Did anyone else just get an update pushed to their 2nd Gen MuSo and find that multi-room streaming no longer works at all?

multiroom to or from or both ways ?

Works fine for me. Maybe just a little network glitch, in which case the first thing I would try is to turn off all your streamers, restart your router, then turn each streamer back on and try again.

It’s definitely not a bug - it’s working fine here on a range of products.

As suggested above, probably a network or control device glitch. I’d suggest these steps:

Fully power down and restart your phone/tablet running the Naim App.

If that does not work, then fully power cycle your Mu-so - unplug it from the mains, leave for 15 minutes and then restart.

Let us know how it goes!

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