Update on prefix - 2. supercap worthy?

Is am sorry to create a new topic, but my old one is closed, where this might had fit.
I am totally happy with my last years update and getting back to vinyl.
I have now phonosophie TT with build in prefix directly connected to the 52.
As some of you described it sounds coherent, which I like very much.
I totally skipped testing my hiCap (non recapped) as I liked it at once when prefix is fed by the 52 (the associated SC resp.)
Now I had been offered a fresh recapped SC (olive as my complete setup) and I am struggling, what to expect when I install a second SC for the prefix only.

Any thoughts of the sound changing in particular?

Thanks a lot and all the best for the weekend

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A Supercap on a Prefix is very special. I ran with one for a while when I was at Naim (with a NAC52, then NAC552). It turns the Prefix sound performance up to 11. Use the grey 4-5 interconnect though. I tried the Hi-line version and it tipped things to far so the dark earthiness of the Prefix just became overly warm.


Thanks Richard!
What do you mean by „up to eleven“?
Do I loose the coherence for more details or do I only get more from everything?
I know - long ago and a matter of choice.
I do have all grey interconnects. I don’t like the high line setup sounding.

I carefully have to decide, as I cannot place the supercap in the current rack setup - the Fraim board under the TT Must be spared as otherwise I have a Hum in the System. Will try the 52 underneath and hope the best.

There was no downside as far as I could tell. Even the slight lack of “togetherness” that’s the main difference between Hicap power and AUX2 power from a NAC52 or NAC552 didn’t seem to be so marked.

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we have a phonosophie with prefix, straight into 552. very special!

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Into 52 here …why is it special?
Is your prefix also build in :slight_smile:

I am really interested as 2021 there has been no update yet… time to go :o)
Nevertheless I do not want to go over the top. As I checked hi line 5pin cable, to my ears the grey ones are better.
And my room ans Sbl are difficult - not much bass. Do not want to loose this :slight_smile:
But on the other hand… it can go better. It has very often been so.

Supercap is Olive and had a fresh recap in 2020…

If you have a chance to get a freshly recapped Supercap for a Prefix, just do it. The Supercap makes a significant difference over a 52 powered Prefix - it gives you more of everything, with no downsides musically/sonically, as Richard correctly noted above. It’s a stunning combination.

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I went from Superline fed of Aux 2 to Superline fed off Supercap via Burndy and there was no competition. I would expect something similar for Prefix.

Just need to make sure that the Burndy is well ‘flexed’ with the wrist twist method. Just redone mine, with pleasing outcome.

No burndy worries with a Prefix, just its Snaic.

Aha - Yes, of course.

Thanks a lot. Damn… I just thought that this will come :slight_smile:
The supercap is from 94 but recapped in 2020 and nearly run in.

What is a reasonable price in your opinion?

The only olive Supercap I saw in the auction site’s “sold” items was in the UK and went for 1215 GBP, which was about $1700 USD. It was “serviced” in 2019; no details given as to what the service entailed.

My first gut-reaction number was something like $1700-2000 USD. (I’m in the US, hence the use of USD.)

Ok, thanks
Approx 1700 usd is what I need to pay (calculated Euro to usd)
I think I will have 2 supercaps soon.
Hope it will not make bass more slight. More accurate bass is sometimes less dominant.

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How do I connect the SC?
From black snaic of prefix into which SC socket?
Output should be socket 2, 3 or 4 to nac 52 via interconnect.

Thanks for your help

Connect the Prefix’s SNAIC to socket 1 of the Supercap. Then take signal via 4-5 interconnect out of the adjacent socket 3.

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I arranged the purchase of the supercap.
Looking forward for the home testing :slight_smile:

For the test I will put the sc on a lack ikea table, as I have to re-stack Fraim, when it is a win.
For the restarting I do have a question.
My tt (or prefix) is very sensitive to power supplies. Even with a DAC underneath, there is a hum in the system. Now I have the NAT (not plugged in) underneath and it’s fine.
Want to try the 52 underneath the tt. As this needs total re-stacking and re-cabling, I would like to ask if it is worth a try or if I have to expect a hum caused by 52 too.
The Fraim tower 2 is now (up to down):
TT with prefix - NAT 05 (not powered) - DAC - 52 - P3PS (power supply for phonosophie turntable).
New tower stacking:
TT - 52 - DAC - SC - P3PS

Need your help. The supercap offered is perfect (1994 fresh recapped in 2020). Just saw now on the picture, that the stamp „230V“ is missing on the back. How can I be sure, that it is no 110V for the US?
The seller is a totally nice guy, who had used it for some time. This should be proof enough!
Dumb question: can it even be used in Europe, if it is 110v. I think there is no function without external conversion.
Is there any other sign on the back indicating eu or us naimware?

Thanks a lot and very best regards

Check the rating of the fuse in the IEC socket. UK/EU 230V will have a T2.5AL fuse.

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Thanks a lot.
Realized, that there was a service at Naim-Germany in 2020 done (invoice is part of the SC).
Naim tested the function. Think they could not have done this plugged to 230v, when it has a 110v power supply. Or is this wrong thinking?

Got it… at the back of the „fuse cap“ is written…“use only with 250v fuse“
It’s European :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot - 1000 times!
I had checked with Naim, that it is a german one. Everything fine so far.
But the system at Naim listed it as as 52PS - serial is from 1994 so it is possible.
From the back it totally looks like a supercap.

Found in an old thread, that there has been a conversion done by Naim in the very past. Complete tray (electronics) of 52ps out and complete new one of supercap in.
Followed by transfer of serial number.
Is this correct and if it looks like a supercap from the back I do have a supercap. No electronic components altered on 52ps to transfer it into SC. Complete exchange of the insights done.

Thanks for the answer - this holds me a bit back … really would like to by it.