Update on prefix - 2. supercap worthy?

Yes, exactly that. Naim would remove the tray with all the electronics and replace it with a Supercap tray - the only thing that would remain the same was the outer sleeve cover.

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Yeah - perfect. Conversion is done by Naim UK in 1996.
So the virtual serial (based on the insides) is a 1996 and the cap is even newer :o)
Perfect. I am very fine with only a case and a serial from 1994.
Thank you so much

I very much like to thank you for all your help here. This forum is really unique.
Nice type of conversation and immediate help on nearly every special question.
Thanks for doing a great job.
I know, why I have looked and will look only in the „Naim shelf“ :slight_smile:

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Ready to plug in, but really unsure if it is correct. Prefix goes to socket one of olive supercap.
At the olive cap it is the one above. Ist this correct?

Made it up by myself… at olive caps it is socket 2 to prefix. This is the one with power and signal. And it sounds so good…

Still listening… it’s definitely an 11. a bit less smooth, but more detail, depth and a broader soundstage. The gap between hdx/dac/xps and analogue is more noticeable than before.
And in difference to the aux2 input it seems to be more suitable to hear at low volumes. Before the real details appeared at a louder volume - now they are 3ven present at a night volume.
Got a really good unit - pre-loved and fresh recapped in perfect condition.

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