Update to iPad and iphone

Hi, I’ve just updated the os on my iPhone and iPad now I can no longer access my server. Everything else works such as internet radio and streaming services. Does anyone else have the same problem? Is there a solution at present or does the app need updating? RK

Updated my IPad,IPhone all OK here.

Normally the Naim app (and others) should have updated automatically but if you turned off automatic updates then not. The Apple Store will tell you if there is an update for it.

What is the server that you are trying to access? NAS? Core? …

I assume you mean you’ve updated your phone & tablet to iOS & iPadOS 14.5
Have you also updated, or has your iOS auto updated, to the new Naim app 5.21.1

It’s all working OK for me, & it should do these updates without such problems.
I suggest to try a system power cycle (power off & on again)
This includes the wireless hub (router) but be sure to leave this off for at least 5 minutes so your ISP logs that its off, then power on, one at a time starting with the wireless hub & let it complete the starting process before going to the next item.

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Thanks for your help. I’ll try that in the morning. I’ve checked the app and it updated 2 days ago automatically.

Again thanks for your advice. I disconnected the unit I star last night and reconnected it this morning. It now recognises the server.

I’ve updated everything and had no problems.

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