Updated Naim App

Totally agree. It’s really infuriating.

It’s coming soon.

Just wanted to add that I know Naim are listening and taking members feedback here seriously.

Disappointing that we are still not able to order our radio stations how we want them on the ND555 although we can on the Qb.

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Seems odd this got through testing, why not wait until it’s an actual improvement rather than something that’s infuriating before releasing? Seems a bit premature

Possibly I would guess because it needed to be released first and staggered with the next firmware update release due soon which will hopefully tie things together.

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My wish list is :

Qobuz albums to be displayed in alphabetical order as they on Qobuz app. Naim app managed to do this for Tidal but can’t seem to do it for Qobuz. Listing albums as ‘favourites’ is a tedious workaround

Widget to have corresponding numbers for volume as Naim device rather than just ‘-‘ and ‘+’

You can eliminate the Chromecast icon by re-signing in and not selecting it as an option. I did this as it bugged me too…usb next!


That’s fair enough, hopefully it’s imminent

Typically, I can’t wait to get an app update, but this time I wish I hadn’t been so quick.

Using mostly iPhone/iPod to control my Nac-N272 and Qute2, I’m really annoyed with the “Favourites” input selection.

I don’t use Tidal either, but it never really bothered me it’s in the list, because it’s a real, working service. If I activate it one day, it will work. It has a very simple explanation why it’s there.

“Favourites” doesn’t have that. At least not in my setup. It’s on the prime spot in the inputs list (while this is NOT an input in my logic) and it simply does nothing more than what’s already on the page.

It gives me the feeling the whole user interface of the Naim app is a mess now. Surprising how one illogically placed icon can do that, actually.

If I were to explain how it works to a newbie… I just can’t. I would just have to explain it’a a broken feature. And that it’s not really an input, like all of the other icons on the list. And that hopefully, a way to fix it (remove it) is on it’s way.

Naim user experience experts, please include a “Show/Hide Favourites” option.

And why not immediately go for the show/hide Tidal, while we’re updating. Because the newbie would probably also ask that question: “If you don’t use it, why can’t you hide it?”


My bad - removing The Tidal input is in fact very easy.

I guess it really never bothered me, as I never took the required 3 seconds to unselect the input.

  • Still irrationally frustrated about the Favourites though :slight_smile: -

Quite! It’s nonsense. Released too early with too little thought and apparently no user testing - at least it would be astonishing if it was!

Although oddly I tried by unticking it and it made no difference. Unless the obvious way to do it actually isn’t obvious?

I don’t know whether my problem is linked to this update or not but yesterday I discovered that the cover artwork had gone missing from two downloaded albums on my Core/NDS/iPad Mini 2 but were still visible when viewing the contents of the Music Downloads Folder from an iMac. I eventually managed to reinstate them with a combination of deleting the cover.jpg’s that were visible with the iMac and ‘re-installing’ them and re-booting. Today, I found another downloaded album cover missing which was still there yesterday at the time of fixing the first issue which I have now corrected by using the same method but worse than that, I’ve discovered that although the music library is in alphabetical order A-Z by artist, all the albums attached to the artists are actually in reverse order both alphabetically and numerically (ie. in the case of multi-disc CD albums, the higher disc number appears first) and despite app resets and powering down etc etc and wasting a lot of time, I just can’t correct it. Please, does anybody know what is going on?

PS. Yes, I also have that peculiar ‘Favourites’ icon aswell, though I do not subscribe to any streaming services or have any intention of doing so, I just have ripped CD’s and a few high quality downloads.

If you are going to have favourite albums and tracks then surely you should be able to select them from your own server and not just streaming services.

The Tidal icon cannot be removed on a 1st gen Muso.

Exceptionally annoying that it looks like you can because the tick box is there but actually does nothing. That having been said simply not being able to move the icons around is ridiculous.

I’ve got a SU and Muso Ist gen so after reading the negative comments here have decided not to upgrade the app yet.
I was wondering if the new app has any improvement in terms of speed or reliability?

With this update Naim certainly know how to piss people off.
All of my favourite track were under tracks, indeed they still are to a sort. Why click once to see then play tracks when you can click three times - beggars belief.
Moving from favourites to tracks to track info, the app freezes for a few seconds.

There is no favourites for my library music its very important to me… it’s only useful for streaming