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I am relieved that I am not the only grumpy old person on here, or maybe I am , its just the rest of you a models of analytic thought and reasonableness?

For me this App upgrade is a real backward step.

I have a 555 and used to have my favourite internet radio stations stored in the order I was most likely to use them.

Now Pressing the Internet Radio button produce someones else’s view of the order they should be stored in NOT my preference. They are now completely disordered and my most frequently used stations are not even listed !! But it is my machine that I purchased and stored my data preferences, but somebody else decides how its should be presented for my pleasure!

Please fix this ASAP.

Even if you look under “favourites”, I have to scroll to “more” to find my preferred stations.

This really is a bad step backwards…

Did Naim ask users what they wanted?

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That seems odd. I have marked albums stored in a thumb drive in the back of my Atom as favourites, and they appear within the favourites list as expected/designed.

When you say you have no local favourites, is this because you have not added any local music to your favourites, or have you done this but are not seeing said albums in your favourites list?

I have server mode activated on my Atom and use the server interface to add albums as favourites.

Just wanted to state that local music can appear in the favourites list, as well as music from (in my case) Qobuz, and I presume Tidal too.


Please get rid of the favourites icon as a source, or at least let us turn it off. I have a SuperUniti and I imagine a lot of fellow legacy users don’t find the Favourites icon much use either.

For those of us with larger phones I’d rather have 3 rows of sources on the screen to avoid having to page forward/backwards.

Is there anyone at all that thinks the favourites is a brilliant addition and was a worth the investment of 8 months development time? The comments so far suggest that people either actively dislike it, or aren’t bothered by it.

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It would seem Naim have misjudged the number of us who play only, or mainly, from our local library. Perhaps they don’t get that data, only online data? Another vote to be able to remove, or at least move, all Input buttons as we wish. Next time please?

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Naim should have bought the rights from Yamaha ( musiccast) or Linn Kazoo, instead of developing their own application. It is and will be a disaster…
( using hardware buttons for volume is the only good thing from the last 2.5 years)

5k for a Nova… devaluation 2.5k & a lot of frustration… Yeh, sound of last firmware is ok.
Design is top notch…, going to move to Linn.

The problem is that each of the streamer models & platform levels do that kinda thing differently; e.g. my NDX has the ability to enable or disable all the input icons (except, that is, until this damn ‘favourites’ thang) others can’t do that.
I’m pretty sure no streamers can move input icon positions.

Another vote to be able to remove, or at least move, all Input buttons as we wish. Next time please?

Definitely have my vote!!

I find it a much cleaner and ussr friendly presentation of favourites and the sorting and selection of sources, local, Tidal in my case, is nice. Not sure why people are complaining about not having local source favourites, since the functionality is there…

I agree though, that the ability to de-select it as an “input” is a pretty basic omission.

I’d also like to see features like “last played” and “most played” etc.


Very much agreed.

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I’ve been in touch with Naim and for sure they have been reading your responses and mails and taking your feedback on board. To that end, they’ve revised and updated the details in order to give better clarity. They have also answered some of the questions you’ve been asking on this thread;

We’ve heard your feedback about our latest App update, and hope we can address many of your concerns.

Firstly, an apology: our initial communications were not as clear as they should have been.

To clarify: the latest App update - iOS: 5.17 ; Android: 2.17 - works on all streaming products, and includes enhancements and updates for all Naim streaming products, of every generation.

For example, much of the new Favourites functionality – such as richer, sortable views of TIDAL favourites - works on every streaming product.

Forthcoming additional Presets functionality will be limited to the latest generation of Naim products. This is because only they have the specifications – including physical elements such as buttons and displays – to support them. Accordingly, these will become available in a specific Firmware release for these products, due in coming weeks. This release will also address other platform-specific points - including fixing the display issues experienced by some Uniti issues.

Returning to the App, we understand if you do not want to use the new Favourites functionality, you may wish to hide the new Favourites Icon from your homescreen. We are working right now on another App update that will allow you to do just that – whatever Naim product you use.

We expect to be beta-testing this next App update imminently, with a full release due in coming weeks. If you want to join our Beta Group and try out that future App release sooner, please email beta@naimaudio.com and we’ll sign you up - you’ll also be able to offer a wide range of direct feedback on any other software issues you’re having with your Naim products.

Finally, we would also like to reiterate our commitment to support EVERY generation of Naim product as long as technically possible, with fixes a priority and new features wherever feasible. You have magnificent music systems that give you everything and more they did when you first bought them: we’ll keep working hard to ensure you’re enjoying them and the music for some time to come.


Thanks for listening.

While I’m not a big Tidal user, my wife uses it regularly and a Favorites list would be a plus for her. I’d agree with the consensus on this thread that also having the functionality to designate Favorites from what is ripped to our UPnP servers is a no-brainer.

However, the most notable thing that caught my eye is the mention of a firmware update. I really hope that this will include legacy streamers and address a deficiency that I pointed out in a post in March: DSD files (individual tracks, not the entire albums) larger than 1 GB do not show accurate time data and won’t play the full track. I (and others before me) have reported the problem to customer support and received a reply that this will be dealt with in a firmware update, but nothing has yet appeared.

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One really useful feature for me was the ability to go from an album say playing direct into the Artist folder for that album. This seems to be no longer possible. Still no last played folder. They had this on the Serv. why Why Why Why

Stand corrected. That feature first mentioned is still there. Last played folder for next update please please

My wired Uniti Qute drops of the network every few minutes using the iPad App, been fine for the last 10 years.

G - I also would like to eliminate the Chromecast icon - pardon my ignorance - what do you mean by ‘re-signing in’?

Resetting your player and signing in again as if you were signing in for the first time. You then see an option to activate Chromecast which you choose not to and the icon won’t appear.


Hi @GraemeH

If you re-run through the 1st time setup wizard and reject the chromecast terms and conditions then the icon won’t appear on the apps home screen. We had to follow Google’s guidelines on this, so it works differently to many other inputs.

At the moment we don’t do a usb disable as that one is a bit of a special input (covers 2 sockets, server mode interaction and device charging). I think it would have to be more a hide so the browse option is hidden. I’ll raise it with the dev team, but is one of the few inputs that is a special case.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

Thank you, it worked!

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Unfortunately, it seems Naim are not interested in solving this problem otherwise they would have done it by now. It’s been 3 years since it was first brought to their attention so I doubt they will address it now. Of course I would love to be proven wrong.