Updating nac272 issues

I been trying to update my firmware for my amp
When I connect the usb it comes up with an error usb device not recognised. I tried different usb sockets.

Also can you update wirelessly?

Please help

Do you have the correct driver installed on your computer for the USB cable?

Yes I disabled and reinstalled. Don’t know what to do next.

Reboot computer and 272.

Presumably you mean different sockets on your computer, not the streamer? On the 272, it’s the mini-USB on the back.

You can also go to the updates page on the Naim website and download a PDF file of instructions on how to run an update.

I tried the usb. It’s not recognising big the device.

Your need the correct USB driver.

When you download the 4.7 update file from Naim, it includes a .pdf, this has a hyperlink to the USB software house to download & install the required USB driver on your computer.
Then connect USB cable between 272 & Computer & it should make the link.

Also can you update wirelessly?

I’ll try to update driver

Yes you can use wireless, however because I have ethernet on computer I prefer this as it removes any possibility of wireless drop out risks

However, as Mike knows, you cannot update without the wired connection between your PC and the mini USB socket on the back of the 272. You have to have that connection working and as well as that you have to have your PC and the 272 on the same network, either wired or wireless. The updater programme you run on your PC delivers half the update through the USB lead and the other half over the lan connection (via WiFi or ethernet).



… whoops … that doesn’t read right at all ==== thanks David.

As always PLEASE READ & FOLLOW the .pdf instructions included in the update file.
This schematic is in the instructions.
The connections between 272 & computer must be USB wired.
The LAN connection can be Ethernet wired or wireless

The OP needs to download and follow the instructions (precisely), as I said before.

Na, that’s just too easy

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