Updating NDS firmware

Hi all
I am unable to access Tidal with my NDS, getting a message from Tidal to update the firmware (I assume on the NDS)… however, on the naim app I do not see an option to check or update the software version. I see the option to check for updates on the Core but not the NDS. Any pointers to a tech luddite?


In the Naim app there is a cog top right hand side. Click that, then go down to ‘About’. The streamer version will give you the firmware the NDS is running. 4.8.00 is the latest version

You also can’t update the firmware via the app. You’ll need to download the latest version from the naim site to a pc and then connect that to your NDS and update that way. Always read the firmware update procedure carefully

Per Finkfan , check the version you have in the Naim app… >settings>about

The latest rev 4.8 is in Naim Customer Support>Product Updates

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Ok, so it says 4.6, so I do need to update.
It sounds like a bit of a faff to have to use a pc to do the upgrade… how we become accustomed to technology doing everything for us :blush:

Forget all the audio improvements, it was the ease of performing firmware upgrades that really made the ND555 better than the NDS! :joy:

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And as an added bonus the 4.8 firmware lifts the nds sound quality too, so well worth the update.

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