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Hi…all. This is a repost of a question I had a few years ago, unfortunately at the time I had to put upgrade options on hold, but now in a position to revisit.

Our system is a CD5+Hi-Line+Hi-Cap / 202+Napsc+Hi-Cap / 200 / SBL’s which used pretty much everyday and has served as well over the last 10 years, and we have hundreds, if not thousands of CD’s.

We want the ability to access the CD’s in a more manageable way, through some type of storage device, plus be able to use streaming service such as Amazon music and /or Spotify.

I don’t have any preset system ideas, but my priorities are that I don’t want to sacrifice music quality, for the sake of convenience, and I can’t afford thousands of pounds funding all new kit, outside of this I’m open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance…

Hi, my suggestion would be to buy an Innuos Zen Mini. This will give you a CD ripper and hard drive storage, as well as access to web streaming services. It has a DAC built in, so it can do everything you need in one small box, although you may consider buying a separate DAC later to improve sound quality and using the Zen digital out.


Thanks Chris…the most important element is that I do not want any loss in sound quality, but want to gain the flexibility of access.

Hi Chris…how do you rate the NDX 2?

The NDX2 is many thousand £.

What I like about the Zen Mini is its versatility, especially if you have a large CD collection to rip. I haven’t heard it using its built in DAC, but there are lots of separate DACs out there that would give you a wide choice to search for something that suits your tastes.

My wife and I love the Naim sound and want to keep as many NAIM components as possible

I would cell my Naim CD5X and Naim PSU to help fund…and I have cash to invest.

Thanks Chris…whats your thoughts on the NDX2 with the Zen Mini?

An idea:

Sell all boxes but the nap 200 and get an Atom HE into the Nap 200 driving the SBLs.

Add a matching Naim core for the ripping.

Maybe you can even upgrade the 200 to a 250.

But then, I have no experience with the Atom HE …

Thank you…I see your point on selling all the boxes but the NAP 200, but I’m not sure off thats a step too far for us at this moment.

I understand, it would make me very nervous.

Since you have one source, the purpose of the pre amp is not that big and the Atom HE is effectively a streamer and preamp. The magic of your system are the SBLs and thats what you keep anyhow.

If you have a friendly dealer, it should be possible to borrow / demo one …

I’m heading in to see the guys in Cardiff next Saturday

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The easiest solution would be the NDX2, but this is quite a jump financially!

That would be a great combination. I didn’t suggest the NDX2 before as you said you didn’t have thousands of pounds to spend, but if it’s within budget you should definitely have it on your shortlist. Also I’m assuming that you want to rip your CDs. and the Zen is going to make this relatively painless. Using a computer and a NAS instead could be a good option to consider if you don’t mind setting it up.

I would still consider buying the Zen Mini first as it will give you the chance to get up and running and explore how streaming is going to work for you. It’s arguably better value for money to the add a DAC rather than a streamer as the Zen has all the streaming functions that you need. Of course, a Naim dealer can’t help you there as Naim no longer make a separate DAC, so they will no doubt end up recommending an NDX2.

Alternatively and much cheaper, a ND5XS2 would do the job and has the potential to upgrade with an nDAC (pre-loved of course).

For @osbornesfamily, that still leaves ripping. A Core would do that, but ripping on a computer is much cheaper though does have more of a learning curve. I’d hang on to the CD player whilst ripping the collection if going down this route.


Do you want to spend 5 minutes per cd to rip them when Tidal has probably 90% of them available to stream? If you have a computer then you don’t need to spend much for a ripper.

Nobody on this forum will try to dissuade you from buying a NDX2. Personally I’d buy an ex demo if possible but I’m frugal like that. Once you start streaming from Qobuz or Tidal you’ll likely never again need your cds.

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That’s the problem, not the solution.

The NDX2 is excellent and would match your 202/200 perfectly. All you need is a good nas such as Synology or Qnap. Load Asset onto it, use dbpoweramp to rip CDs with your computer and you are away. The NDX2 will access Qubuz and Tidal, as well as Spotify, and has internet radio too. Link it to the 202 with system automation and control volume and source switching with the NDX2 remote or the Naim app.

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Many thanks …