Upgrade advice request

Good evening everybody.
A friend recently offered me his Naim equipment at a great discount and I now too many pieces. Hence my request is to understand which part should I keep and which part won’t be needed or are missing.

My initial Naim Equipment:

  • HDX
  • DAC - powered by non-Naim XPS
  • NAP 200
  • NAC 202 - powered by non-Naim PSU
  • Speaker : PMC Twenty 26 with Chord cable

New Equipment:

  • NAP 250
  • NAC 282
  • CD555 PS
  • CDS 3
  • Speaker : ProAc Response D80R with Naim cable

Thanks in advance for your good advices.

Sit down and have a listen to the new gear

If it sounds better than the old (and it should)
Then you know what to sell and what to keep

Keep the second system. If you prefer streaming to CD sell the CDS3 and initial system for a NDS or even a ND555 after checking your 555PS will be compatible. Oh look for a HiCap or 2 or even a SuperCap for the 282 trading the FlatCaps.

thanks for your prompt reply,

Wouldn’t you do the following?

  • HDX
  • NAP 250
  • NAC 282 - Powered by Flatcap 2X and NAPSC
  • DAC - powered by the CD555 PS

Sell the following items:

  • CDS 3
  • NAP 200
  • NAC 202
  • Non-Naim XPS
  • Non-Naim PSU

Sorry if my questions are dumb but I am quite lost with these different versions.
in terms of Speakers I guess that I will have to try both but I am expect the ProAc to sound much better, thoughts?


It’s a difficult question, because it’s not sure you will prefer Hdx/555ps to Cds3/555ps.
I would more sell Hdx and CDS3 and get an Ndx2, or second hand Nds.
I you prefer online streaming ( Qobuz or Tidal), better take the Ndx2. If not, for streaming from a Nas or Server, the Nds at around 3k is hard to beat.
You could eventually keep the Hdx, to rip cds and store files, but you can have a more modern server for less money ( like Naim Uniticore).

Thanks for your input - very usefull.
As most of my CDs are ripped I would rather get rid of the CDS3 and keep the HDX.
However I like online streaming - but the Ndx2 is quite expensive…

I understand that HDX is useless with either the Ndx2 or the NDS, correct?

So I should sell the CDS3, the HDX and the loudspeakers and buy either a NDX2 or NDS?
Will the DAC still add value (powered by the 555PS)?

I hope it makes sense.

The HDX will stream your ripped cd’s to an NDX2 and sound really good

You can sell the dac too. You can keep your Hdx, but if you need cash, better sell it. Then you can stream online and your rips from a Nas.

The 282/250 with napsc would be my starting point. I would try to add either a hi-cap dr or supercap which the sale of 200/202 should go a long way towards financing, possibly a better deal in this case might be possible as a trade to an existing naim dealer, if there is one near you and you can work with them. I’d try both speakers with that system and find your preference (even going so far as to trying both speaker wires).

I would suggest that you sell the Flatcap and look for a Hicap to power the 282.

I doubt the CD555 would be improved by the NDAC. At least, you would want to power the NDAC with a 555PS.
If you keep the HDX, maybe use the NDAC as an upgrade to that, ideally with a PSU upgrade.

Indeed - I meant to power the nDAC with the 555PS - I assume that would be the best use for my 555PS. And I would connect the (upgraded) nDAC to the HDX. What about adding an NDX - there are very good used one on the market ?

Thank you benjy - l will keep the 282/250 with hi-cap dr.

It is worth keeping the HDX and buying a NDX (USD 1’500.-) - or it would better selling the HDX, NAC 202, NAP 200 and DAC and replace these 4 equipments by a NDX 2 ?

An NDX would give you a bit of extra functionality (Tidal, iRadio) at a similar performance level to the HDX. It really depends on where you want to end up. Personally I’m done with CD, but bear in mind that you have two exceptionally good CD players there, so if your priority is to get the best possible sound quality without significant further expense, you should consider keeping one of them.

What I would do, though, is this:
Buy the best streamer you can afford. The minimum would be NDX2/XPSDR, or go for NDX2/555 or ND555/555PS.
If you have CDs, rip them to FLAC on the HDX, which you could then sell.
Keep the 282/250 and buy a Hicap.
Keep whichever speakers work best in your room. Probably the Proacs, but never assume that the ‘better’ speaker will work better in your room. Use your ears.
Whatever’s left, sell it.

Thank you ChrisSU,
I am done with CDs too hence I do not need any CD players as my CDs are ripped to FLAC.
You wouldn’t keep the nDAC, correct?
Last but not least the CD 555PS used to power the CDS 3 can be used with either NDX2 or ND555?

Yes, you can use the 555PS for the NDAC, NDX2 or ND555. With the streamers you ideally want the DR version, but an older non-DR will still work nicely.
You could keep the HDX and just use it as a UPnP server. Alternatively you could replace it with a regular NAS. Or with the current streamers, even just a directly attached USB drive, but that’s a decision you could address later.
Before selling the NDAC, you could consider powering it with the 555PS and using it with the NDX2.

So If I buy a NDX2 you would still keep with nDAC powered by the 555PS.
If I buy the ND555 would I still need my nDAC?

The ND555 requires its own 555PS as it has no internal PSU, which makes it a very expensive digital transport. The NDX2 has a built in PSU. The 555 or XPS are optional upgrades for it, or for the NDAC, so I would put it on the DAC in this case.

To throw my pennyworth in, my dealer told me that in his opinion the DAC in the NDX2 was superior to the Ndac, However the NDX2 does benefit significantly from an XPS or 555PSU

I have 282 hcdr/250 dr along with nat5 tuner and cd5 for ez listening, my two big-time sources are akurate level lp-12 with ekos and krystal thru a rega aura phono and a bare ndx-2. The lp-12 (now ) beats out the ndx-2 but I suspect even the xps-dr would even the score. suffice it to say the ndx-2 does not need the separate power supply to sound very good. I don’t think I would want to use a separate dac, as you will likely find that even if you have the space for all of these boxes, unless you work with an electrician (not an option for me) then finding enough outlets becomes a problem. I have had to daisy chain two strips together - not ideal but safe enough with all heavy duty power cords.