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Hi All,

It is a VERY long time since my HiFi had any attention but I am looking for some help.

My current setup consists of a CD3, 112, 150 and a set of passive Intros.

I used to have it set up in a relatively small 12’x10’ room with lots of soft furnishings and it sounded delightful.

A little less than 10 years ago we moved to a new house where the system is by necessity in our dining room (approx 15 x 15 ft) and with little to absorb noise. The result is that the sibilance on the system is now quite pronounced and the system is nowhere near as enjoyable to listen to.

Not sure if it is related but the system has also not been serviced for at-least ten years which can’t be helping.

What upgrade paths would people recommend?
My main priority is adding bass and softening the top end (while keeping the ‘Naim’ sound).

Thanks for your help.

Get the 150 serviced by Darren at Class A (or another excellent Naim service expert).

And a Flatcap of some sort…

And if the room is very hard it needs more soft or textured things in it to absorb or scatter the sound.

Fully Agree - When I added a HiCap to my NAP 140, it made a massive difference, and not just one of those differences you justify to yourself because of what you paid for it.

Added a Hicap to your NAC102…

Hi John,
Welcome to the forum.

I can understand how your system could sound a little brighter & more sibilant in the new room and after 10+ years without a service.

I always found the Intro speakers to be prone to this trait, so any hardening in the upstream electronics will come through as excessive sibilance and the sense of a more relentless, tiring sound.

After 10+ years without a service, the truth is that none of your 3 Naim boxes are giving of their best. There is a common myth that only the main power supply electrolytic capacitors in Naim equipment age, so only power supplies & power amps need a service after 7-10 years.

The fact is that a number of other components also age, especially the small tantalum bead capacitors which are also in cd players and pre-amps. Hence, they all benefit from a service.

So the first thing I would do is to send all your Naim boxes to either Naim (via your dealer) or to Darran at Class A in Sheffield (a Naim authorised service agent) for a service, assuming you live in the UK.

Once your Naim boxes are back, installed & working, give them 3 weeks or so of playing, then decide if you like the sound, as you may be very happy & content.

If not, then I would be looking at those speakers. The Intros are prone to be a little bright and sibilant compared to most speakers on the market. There are a number of excellent makes of speaker that are known to work well with Naim electronics. These include Neat, Kudos, Proac, PMC & Harbeth, though there are many more. Your friendly Naim dealer should let you audition a few before you decide the one that suits you.

Hope this helps, BF

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Like others have said a service with Class A will be cheaper than Naim.

Alternatively trade up and look at something different?

What’s your budget?

It depends whether you want to keep what you have or upgrade your system.

Before considering any upgrades or servicing, I would consider the room you are using. Square rooms are generally the worst and it’s not easy to correct this, although you may be able to improve things a little by adding rugs, curtains, cushions, etc. or by adding specialist room treatment products, although these can be large and ugly.
If possible I would put the HiFi in a different room, at least as a temporary test to see if you can get it sounding as it should before you start spending money on upgrades.


I’ll echo Chris’ post above - a smallish square room is almost the worst room you can pick for a hifi (especially one with speakers designed to work with the room like Naim’s). It will sound odd and strangely harsh on the ears with weird FR nulls and reinforcement. Still, count yourself lucky it’s not a perfect cube…?

Yep, I agree with Chris and Richard.

But I’ll add that your equipment probably won’t just sound bad suddenly unless something has been damaged. Something was changed, and it was the room. So sort the room. Some people love to spend other people’s money, and in this case it probably wouldn’t achieve what you want.

Are the Intros right up against the wall behind them?

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