Upgrade advice

Wondering what should I upgrade next? Here is my current system
Ndx with xps
Nac282 with Hicap and napsc
I mostly play vocals, rock and pop through my ndx as I lost all my music on my unitiserve when it crashed.

You need some speakers and an effective backup for the UnitiServe.

Wilson audio Sophia speakers. Too late for the backup. Not sure how one does that on the unitiserve.

Depending on budget.
Interconnects can add sparkle. WH morgana get a good review here.
Or NDX2.

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Rip the CD a second time on a RAID 0 array using EAC or something like that. Or better,dump the Unitiserv and stream your music from a NAS storage array.

A second HiCap from the same year as your existing one, or change HiCap for a Supercap.

If you lost all your music, where is it coming from now? Tidal? Qobuz? The NDX2 is much better at web streaming. Your speakers really demand more of both source and amplifier. I’d be moving towards NDX2, 555PSDR, 252 and 300DR, or better.

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Don’t underestimate some naim fraim :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am using my ndx as source

And the kit is on Naim fraim

I know you are using the NDX. The question was asking where the music was coming from if you’ve lost everything on your Serve.


Spotify is pretty poor quality and your system is wasted if you stick with it as a source. You may like to try Tidal direct into the NDX. There are workarounds to get Qobuz that you could use. The NDX2 has Qobuz built in and is better for web streaming generally.


Am I correct in inferring that you got rid of your CDs after you ripped them and therefore cannot re-establish your library? I think you need to make a decision about what source you are going to use for music before you look at anything else. As HH says a subscription to a high quality source should be your first decision.

If streaming is your future consider a move to NDX2 with your XPS or even better ND555, WA deserve a great front end. Then Qobuz and Tidal as streaming sources.

Yes unfortunately. I had my unitserve for proper listening but have now lost all my content! I will subscribe to tidal in due course. I understand I will have to improve my music quality but wondering which part of my current system should be improved? I got the Sophia’s because of the neutrality of the sound which is there even if I use inferior Spotify.

If you like Spotify you might want to hang on for their lossless “HiFi” subscription which is coming soon.

Tidal is £240 p.a which is punchy!

I think it only works with the latest sonos gear for rather than the legacy ?

Do you still have the disk of the unitiserve? A geek might get your files from the disk. I remember reading about it somewhere. If it comes back to my mind, I’ll post it here.


I really struggle to understand priorities at times — happy to spend a small fortune on black boxes and speakers. But then stingy with small change needed to get the music to really make the most out of the fortune…

Or maybe I don’t understand the meaning of “punchy”…