Upgrade advice

Hi All,

It’s that time again, upgrade season.

My current system is a rega3, NDS, XPS/2, 282, hicap, 250dr.

Was thinking about upgrading my XPS/2 to a 555ps as the XPS might need to be recapped soon.

But wonder is there a better upgrade right now. Ie maybe a 250dr → 300dr ?

Is the XPS to 555ps a massive upgrade or might I get more value by upgrading amp as I use vinyl now as well as the NDS

love to hear your thoughts/ experiences.

My end game would be an nds, 555ps,252, 300

Source first, collective view would be the 555ps is better than xps and shouldn’t upset balance of your system.

Subject to budget a super cap on the 282 is widely liked so that would be a second step and then finally the 252 but that would need a demo as some like the vibrancy of the 282 v the more mature sound of the 252.

Lots of money to upgrade so think through as your system is nicely balanced.


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As good as the Rega 3 is if you are listening to a lot of vinyl I would look to upgrade your turntable arm and cartridge (although you do not say what the arm and cart are) for significant improvements before spending a large amount of money that you would be on Amps etc.

Get yourself to a dealer and listen to a couple of new combinations against your Rege etc.


I would go 555 PS first. I have one on my NDS and it sounds fabulous. Supercap on 282 would be good move as it makes way for your 252 later down the line.

Then get the 252 and finally 300DR.

Look at racking, cabling, speakers as well.

The Rega planar 3 could be a weak link, depending on your vinyl use you may want to go for a RP8 or 10.

Plenty of other turntables out there. Personally I have a Linn LP12 but plenty of others such as Vertere, ClearAudio, VPI, Michelle GyroDec, Roksan and so on.

Lots of views on turntables on forum.

Good luck with your upgrades!

PS555 was a huge upgrade on CDS3 compared to the XPS. Similar to supercharging a V8 engine.

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