Upgrade assistance?

What will you do next?

(Hoping it turns out for you in the end).

Some great advice coming forward. I agree that the 252 should be on the level below the TT, then the NDX2 below that, and the 250 at the bottom (it has the biggest transformer). As the 250 is hardly used, my experience is that it does improve dramatically over a few months. Again, check the burndy - remove and do the distressing in and put it back relaxed and free hanging (well, as best that you can). Then relax and enjoy!

Where’s the phono stage and turntable ps and what are they?
A second rack would be an advantage for getting the big transformers away from the pre and source components.

Will do and thanks again. The Stageline N is behind the LP12. I’ve had the upgraded kit less than a week, and not had chance to really sort accommodating everything. I built the rack myself, might have to look at a separate wall shelf for the turntable. The cartridge is a Linn Adikt, poorer quality LP’s really don’t sound good through the new gear! I guess it just shows the shortcomings as other posts have mentioned.


Any concerns should be raised with your Naim dealer - and not on here… :thinking:

Its your Naim dealers ‘job’ to fix any issues you have…

Please - that is the best way to help yourself.


I will thanks. They’ve been really helpful. It’s just nice to get information from those with greater knowledge, so that I can have informed discussions with the dealer, Naim etc.

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Where did you get the rack from?

I made the rack from oak kitchen worktop.
Regards. Tim.

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