Upgrade decision - any advice?

Looking to take the LP12 a step further in the New Year. For similar price, option 1 is to DR the (in-service period) Supercap powering the Superline/Hi-line or option 2, go to Radikal 2 with current Radikal 1.

LP-12 is Ekos SE, Kore, Krystal into Naim 500 series

Any thoughts on best bang for buck? Thanks

I have no experience of Supercaps or Radikals so can’t pass any comment on your options.

However, if you look at my profile you will see that our LP12s are similar. You do not say if you have yet fitted a Karousel. I have said numerous times in these forums that the Karousel is by far the best single upgrade I have ever made to my Linn.

If you don’t have a Karousel I seriously suggest this is the best upgrade you can make before considering either of your two original options. I wouldn’t mind betting that this will bring you a far greater SQ improvement & at a lower cost.


Can I add keel also, our deckis similar moved to keel for kore whole new musical depth and focus

I am also planning to get up grade from Ad 1 to 2 from friends I trust is a very good one

Just to add, yes my deck is Karousel’d

Well that’s me out then!

I would be interested to hear what you finally do & how much improvement you hear compared to the uplift I presume Karousel gave you.

The Karousel was an excellent upgrade. Would recommend it highly

Hi Overprint

Personally I would do the Keel first up

Live with that for quite a while

On my 40th anniversary LP12 Klimax I may get the radikal upgrade just announced but it will be difficult to get a side by side comparison so not sure at this stage

On my LP12 ARO which has Kore and Krystal , I’ve just added the superline/supercapDR - it is a massive improvement I must say . Probably add the Keel ARO in due course, but very costly so have to weigh that one up

So for you I would think Keel first, then get supercap DR’d

Others might say different


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