Upgrade Euphoria

I have just taken delivery of my new, (to me anyway), NDX streamer. It has been plugged in to my existing NAC-N 172/NAP200 and S400 speakers, via the analogue din Aux input. So basically the NAC-N 172 is just the preamp.
Definitely there has been a huge uplift in the quality of the system. I have always known the system was very much a mullet. But knowing in theory is not exactly the same as experiencing the change.
However this is the first upgrade I have introduced to my system since purchasing it in 2013. Anyway, whilst I have mucked around with upgrades a gazillion times, this was all in the prehistoric past. And I had forgotten just how great it is to get an upgrade sugar hit. Absolutely fabulous!
I could gush about fuller bass, better articulation, yardage yadda yadda… but for me the biggest takeaway is just how much fun it is!
So my point is that getting further up the hifi heirachy is, (or should be), about grinning from ear to ear, not stressing about whether your new toy is the correct step.
Sure I will be getting a 282/250 in due course, but right now, I can’t wait to continue rediscovering my lovely music collection.

Addendum. I stupidly misspelt Euphoria. Thanks RD!


The grinning bit is great but there is also fun to be had in the decision making journey - even if it can be a bit stressful at times.

Congratulations Steve!

…the NDX is a very fine addition, you will be enjoying re-listening to your music collection for some time to come.

Interesting thread topic: Europhia.

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That’s excellent Steve. Nice to hear of an affordable and thoroughly enjoyable upgrade to your system. Have fun with the many hours of re-listening.
Cheers man …

Here in sunny Perth, (39 C today so maybe a bit too sunny), auditions of new Naim hifi purchases are problematic once you get above a certain level. And for used equipment it’s just trying to find a item actually in Australia.
So the decision process is do some research, trust your gut instinct, gird your loins and throw down the cash! Which actually makes things surprisingly simple, but a bit cold and emotionless. I had been looking for an NDX for a while, and was close to getting one fro the UK, from of the better dealers.
So I was doubly glad to find one on my doorstep, 2017 vintage and a good price.
Back in my youth, I would never buy anything without a home demo. As a Naim and Linn dealer it was absolute doctrine to do a home demo and install.
I do agree with you the decision process is a big part of the fun.

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Ahh Mr (not so), Innocent Bystander…

In my isolated little town, we view the whole Brexit adventure with perplexed expressions and furrouged brows. I honestly don’t know how you guys negotiate day to day conversations in such a polarised politic. I am thinking the great British tradition of politeness and reserve are standing you in good stead.

Me being a bleeding heart, tree loving, whale hugging sort of guy I am doubly perplexed.

But as to europhia, well the excitement of just playing music, and playing more music, and suddenly it’s dawn… we as hifi tragics are so lucky to have that option.


The point being gently made is that europhia is not a real word. Euphoria, on the other hand, is a state of extreme happiness and excitement. Unless of course you mean Euphorbia, which is a large genus of plants, or Europhilia, which is a love of European culture.


Hey, I eb dilsecsic? I was on a high, obviously on drugs! And a bit slow on the uptake. Mea culpa.

Mr Halibut has pointed out the bleeding obvious. What can I say?

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Apparently there’s a lot x teachers here bored with retirement. :smirk:


I have dark thoughts about a NDX, glad you’re enjoying yours!

How do you use it? I’m very happy using a first gen Naim streamer for both local streaming and streaming services via BubbleUPnP, but always interested hearing how others use them

Do x teachers have superpowers like x-men??? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Must be a slow news day or something.


I’m not sure I’m still a current man :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Well I am a simple man, (and drug affected so I can’t spell), so I have all my files on a NAS, and run Asset software. Everything is connected via Cat6 ethernet cable.

I haven’t done anything fancy with my NAS, (it’s a 10 year old Qnap), or cables, switches, or power supplies for the network. I do intend to put some effort in to improving my network.

I have mostly hi res files, about 65% of my collection of 4000+ albums. Of the hi res maybe half are 24-96 and above, the rest 24-44.
The other 35% are CD rips at 16-44.

For a lot of albums I have multiple versions, with differing masters, resolutions or country of origin.

So the simple answer is local streaming rules. I may give Spotify and Tidal a shot.


My lovely partner has just thrown in the towel after 46 years of teaching. I’m not convinced she has super powers, but there are times when it seems she may well have.

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Mrs Bruss definitely has superpowers. She has often told me what I am thinking, usually before I have known myself.


Upgrade Euphoria or “NAS” :slightly_smiling_face:

(In guitar player circles upgrade / new purchase desire is often referred to as GAS - guitar acquisition syndrome).

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Or just more generally - Gear Acquisition Syndrome… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: