Upgrade from Atlas Hyper 3.5 to Ascent Grun?

I have the possibility to upgrade my Atlas Hyper 3.5 speaker cables to Atlas Ascent Grun. The thing is that I am very happy with the Hyper 3.5 and the extra outlay for the Ascent is considerable. Did any of you listen to both speaker cables and what would be your advise based on that?

What I would be looking for is even more dynamics, especially in the low end, and more open voice representation.

Thanks in advance!


I went from Hyper 3.0 to WH Phantom
This improved on low end, dynamic and transparency.
More in doubt of coherence and flow which was really good on my Hyper
Both cables are 5 mtr length with SN2
Next on my list is Kudos KS-1

FWIW I’ve tried an old version of Ascent, strangely didn’t like it at all.

I’d gently suggest that you reconsider your priorities for building your system. You already have expensive speaker cables, a £900 filtered mains block that may well do more harm than good, expensive isolating feet for your speakers and various other bits and pieces. You have very fine speakers, but very fine speakers that are not easy to drive. At the heart of this system is a little Atom. Spending even more on speaker cables would, I feel, be a folly. What you really need is a significantly better streaming source and amplification that could work with your speakers to form a great balanced setup. At the moment you have a modest all in one surrounded by lots of fancy stuff. The system seems to be led by the accessories yet with a weak heart. To me it’s back to front.

Thank you @PerF very useful reply. The cable I can buy is the old series. Your feedback confirms what I was already afraid of. Otherwise the old Ascent would still have been part of the Atlas offering, that was my thinking.

Hi @hungryhalibut thank you for your response. I think I got my priorities right, given the fact that the system is located in our living and not in a dedicated music room. In the past I owned a lot of high end equipment e.g., Classé, Aragon, Esoteric, Parasound, AVM. I have landed with Naim as I wanted a smaller footprint, better user experience and I was willing to compromise on sound. The latter never happened. I am so positively surprised by the Atom (which I bought as ‘try out’) and I was even more surprised when I connected an external power amplifier (Purifi EVAL1 currently) as indeed my speaker like lots of current. The tweaking happened after that and all changes like the Niagara, IsoAcoustics, happened afterwards and only further improved the sound. All changed I make I do with my ears. If I don’t like something I sell it.

I feel I have almost reached the maximum now with the Atom as the source/preamp. But it fits in the cabinet and it stays. Only a 272.2 might be a future upgrade option. And why? I have many friends with high end setups costing 3-5 times what I have spent and the best of those only sounds 20% better than mine.

So long story short: this system has been put together with much care, supported by many (high-end) listening experiences and accessories are a very important part of my system.

You will be surprised if you hear my system, I am sure. :wink:

There are many ways to skin the proverbial cat and if you enjoy your setup that’s all that matters. It’s not what I would do, that’s all.

Fair enough!

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