Upgrade from Atom

Hello everyone. You have been very helpful in the past, so here is your latest challenge!

I have an atom playing through focal 926 aria speakers and a marantz cd player as a transport.

Thinking of upgrading / trading in and I wondered which of these options would sound better through the focals:

Refurbed nova or supernait2 and NAC N 272. Nova is about £600 cheaper if I presume I would get the same trade in for both options. I understand I would lose the qobuz option with the 2 box option ( I do use qobuz and spotify currently as well as cds).

Your thoughts ladies and gentlemen? I intend to listen to both options tomorrow ( friday 4th).

Regards, Mark

If you use Qobuz then Nova

If you go with the SN 2 then got with the ND5 XS2 vs the NAC N 272.

If you go with the 272 match it with a power amp.

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I’ll subscribe @crispyduck/ @seakayaker
With Sn2+ N272 you will have a preAmp redundancy. If you prefer separates route, you should add a nap200dr or 250dr

I’d get a Nova, you can always add a NAP to it later then eventually replace it with the mystical replacement to the 272 when it evetually materialises.
Moving on your Nova if/when required should be easy, they hold used prices well and sell easily.

Atom -> Nova -> Nova + NAP 250 -> NAC Nxxx + NAP 250 (probably later add an XPS or 555 to whatever preamp that is)

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