Upgrade from Nova to supernait 3/ndx

I am auditioning soon 3 weeks the difference between nova and supernait3/NDX2 I drive B&W 805d3.
Any thoughts as to what improvements there will be?

It’s a while since I went down that route but I have always asked my dealer to set up my current system and then play the same recordings through my proposed system.
The SN3/NDX2 must have been a noticeable improvement because I traded the Nova in.

Hi John
Yes I am getting a comparison between Nova and proposed system.
Looking forward to hearing the difference.

I’ve heard the Uniti several times and always impressed but the NDX2/SN will be a step ahead in all ways. Bear in mind you will need a shelving solution to enable proper isolation.

Good luck,


Thanks looking into isolation

Continuing the discussion.
Have today auditioned and went for NDX2/SN3 and ex dem HiCap very impressed now the wait.

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Hi I have today auditioned and have gone with sn3 and ndx2 it’s ex dem hicap
Very pleased and looking forward to receiving them.
Great improvement in clarity and separation.


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