Upgrade from power line lite

I have the supplied Powerline Lite which came with my Star. Would upgrading it make much difference. I was thinking about a Russ Andrew’s one or similar. I didn’t want to pay the price of a Powerline.

If you don’t want to pay the price of a Powerline I think it’s arguable that the products available below that price will obtain much in the way of improvement. Different but not necessarily better. If you want a significant improvement then a Powerline singular is excellent. On the other hand what is it that you think you’re missing?

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The Naim range of mains leads work by having decoupled connections, in the case of the Powerline Lite it’s just the main plug.

I tried Naim PLL versus a thick, shielded mains cable and the PLL trounced it.

I think when it comes to wires generally it’s best to stick with those provided by Naim. You can be rest assured that they will have been very carefully evaluated to work optimally with Naim electronics.

The only exception worth considering in my experience is speaker cable which I think is more speaker dependent. If your Uniti Star is your end game then I would seek out a Naim PL, normally can be found on well known auction sites.



I’ve been very happy with my Audioquest Z3. Don’t believe in that other than Naim cables suck. Try them out yourself if possible. I found Z3 to sound better than PL on my 300DR.

Ive used many different cables with my naim amp including Ra classic powerkord, Ra powermax plus and Belden cable as well. The best by far was a DH Labs triple C cable called powerplus cable which when combined with a silver mshd plug and an iego gold plated iec(new design type) was and is my end game power cable and i don’t think it can really be bettered unless spending silly amounts. You could of course substitute the DH Labs cable for an Acrolink or Oyaide 7n which would work almost as good if not minutely better. The powerplus cable is also unshielded too. I’ve also heard very good opinions about acoustic revive power cables which would also work really well with both the same plug and iec. The powerplus cable represents superb VFM and is greatly underated probably because of it’s 25.00 a metre price,

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Shunyata Research, Audience, Audioquest, DH Labs, The Russ Andrews is good, it’s actually made from Kimber Kable.

My opinion is in most things audio, I like to buy specific product from companies that specialize in that category. Just my 2 bits worth.

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