Upgrade from SN2?

Not for very short term, but develoments due to new 222/250 on second hand market are interesting. My SN2 is almost 9 years old. In my head end game would be 282/250DR/HiCap. New 222/250 looks very appealing but for now far above budget. ND5XS2 with Chord DAC is here to stay (or a very good bargain on NDX2 should tempt me). What I also like is the idea of a 2 box system (apart from my external DAC, switch, power supplies) so a SN3 might be a possibilty too?

Any suggestions? Curious what you guys would do.

I also had a SN2 that I was very happy with and had a long term plan of moving to a 282/HiCap DR/250 DR. A couple of months ago I went to my dealer to demo the New Classic gear: NSC 222/NAP 250/NPX 300. I was able to compare the NC against the 282/HiCap DR/250 DR (with a very similar source to what I have at home - NDX2 with XPS DR) with the same speakers in the same room. The New Classic set up was very good, but to my ears not as good as the old separates. I bought the old ex-demo classic gear on my way out and could not be happier. I saved a lot of money on very good amplification that will do very well for many years.

I have no doubt the NC separates will be very good when they appear later this year, but they will be very expensive. My advice is to go have a listen to the new classics and compare if you can against the old. I would also recommend seeing what kind of deals are to be had for the old classic gear. All the best to you in your journey - let us know how you get on.


Interesting, thanks!

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I think you’ll find that a Supernait 3 is just a relatively small incremental upgrade over your SN2, although it may seem like a bigger jump if yours is old enough to need a service.
If you like what your Chord DAC does I can see little point in moving to an NDX2 unless you plan to add a PSU upgrade to it later instead of the Chord.

Otherwise you are really stuck with a choice between Classic separates or New Classic, or possibly a mixture of the two to suit your budget such as 222/250DR. You would need to listen carefully to establish whether a streaming preamp is able to compete against your current source.


You’re most welcome!

Don’t bother sn2->sn3.
A proper hicap dr is worth considering.


Too small difference in SQ?

It’s negligible, and a sideways step if you’re thinking of 282/hicap/250.
Get a proper hicap then 282 then 250.

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Cheers. No plans for NDX2 plus PSU. Too expensive. And once SN2 needs to be serviced I need to evaluate what I will do…

This could be a good time to buy a Hicap. Some will be selling them off as they move to New Classic systems which can’t use a Hicap. It would give you a potential, subjective uplift to the Supernait, and would be a useful first step towards a 282/250 if that’s what you choose.

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I see, but in fact I do have a similar box already, no HiCap so I shall not name it explicitly.

It’s explicitly in your profile. But it’s not a proper hicap. Have you tried one?

I know, but not needed to mention here again. Not compared it with HiCap back to back. I know there are people who are pro and others are con…

Hi @JanW
I had an ex demo SN2 for 7 years which I listened to almost everyday, then traded it for a new SN3. I wouldn’t describe it as a sideways move but I’d agree it’s an incremental improvement. The SN3 is able to resolve more complex music and can go lower in the bass register than its predecessor. It feels like a more composed listen with a wider soundstage. The 282, 250 and HC is a big step up but it’s obviously significantly more money AND is extra boxes (cables, racks, cables dressing etc) if you’re happy to live with that. If you’re seriously tempted, then now is the time to pick these up while people are jumping onto the New Classic range if you’re wanting best vfm from an upgrade. Personally, I feel no desire to upgrade from the SN3 (or anything else).

The New Classic range looks and sounds great but it’s a lot of money to make the switch.
One option would be to get the new NC 250 and connect it to your SN2 if you’re wanting to go in that direction . . .


I demoed back to back. SN2 / SN2 + HICAP DR / SN3 / SN3 + HICAP DR.

Ended up (and am very happy with the SN3 + HICAP DR).


Cool. And way cheaper compared to 282/250DR… choices…

I upgraded from a SN2 + HiCap DR to SN3 + HiCap DR (use my SN2 + original HiCap DR in my second system now), the later has much more base control and drives my Focal Electra 1038Be’s large floorstanders much better and also there is more clarity, detail and it all sounds more articulate as it responds to the changes in the music much faster, just so much more musical.
Definately the SN3 is much better than the SN2 in my detailed experience using them both extensively.


Okay so it could also depend on the type of speaker you have and problably the type of music? I have Q Acoustic Concept 500, quite heavy floorstanding speakers but imo not too difficult to drive. Not sure if spending more money for a 282 would be worth compared to SN3 with regards to SQ.

I demoed a 282/HiCap DR/250DR against the SN3/HiCap DR and concluded that there was only a relatively small improvement the 282 combo had over the SN3 combo, certainly not worth anywhere near the substantial price difference between the two combo’s.


Oh really? With what speakers did you listen? On the forum I hear lot of different reactions on the 282/250DR combo…