Upgrade from SuperUniti - Olive Options

I have a Nova plus KEF LS50s in my office. It’s really a very nice combo.


We have access to a few excellent dealers. But to be honest we haven’t spoken to any of them about this plan yet.

We’re aware of servicing requirements.

We’re wondering if 82/HC/250 might work - remote control.

Also, with luck, might sneak under £3k (1250/500/1250 say if we score lucky ish).

But maybe we’d be better sticking Classic for better SQ this is what we don’t know…

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We had a 272, bit of a compromise which is why we moved on to separate boxes.

Same principle is putting us off Nova in office.

We have ancient monitor audio Studio floorstanders in office (1996?). These old MA are closed cabinet, metal dome tweeter. Mass loaded with silver sand. They have a particular sound, which actually works well in our office room (30ft x 15ft). Long throw.

Of course a speaker upgrade could be on cards, but tbh I’ve owned these speakers for a long time and heard then on the end of various amps and they’re keepers on a budget.

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Office system? Office being where you work? I’d be very surprised if you have the time and concentration to listen critically. Given that, if the SU isn’t floating your boat, I’d go with a Star or a Nova.

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I can get where your comment is coming from. Yes, the office system is mainly background listening.

But for those 10 minutes spells where I swivel chair to stereo to switch off from work there is just something missing.

Hence the budget constraint. Not going to build anything silly because, as you say, time for critical listening is limited.

A Nova is one piece of naim kit we’ve not heard. Might take a listen when we go to fully demo NCs.

The progression in the lounge makes me think I’d always wonder how much better £3k of used separates could have been though!

Given you have the NDX2 in your main system, having a second system with the same streaming platform is going to a big benefit I think. In which case, for the budget, the Nova or Star seems the obvious choice if you can get a used one. Some nice Olive kit would be fun for sure, but I wonder if you will hanker for that Naim streamer to front it?

BTW, my main rig is in my office :sunglasses:, doubling as the music room.

Yes not sure what to do about a streamer really.

But that holds true whether we get olive or classic boxes.

naim nDAC would give the sound we love, but as I said above we might explore (gasp) non naim options. It would all be about getting the balance right.

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Don’t rule out the V1 as a possible source. It’s not as good as the NDAC, but it still sounds great and in an office you can hook it up to a computer via USB as that’s what it was primarily designed for. You can use it with a separate preamp if you want, but it will work in preamp mode straight into a power amp too.

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Interesting suggestion.

I guess the modern equivalent would be the Atom, or HE. Dealer did mention that as a SU replacement a while ago (rating the HE quite highly), but it’s a real pity naim don’t do a matching size amp.

Atom itself would seem a bit short on power, hence a few suggestions for a Nova.

Whatever we use to stream MUST have Tidal Connect, it’s how I do most of office listening (plus internet radio, but there are plenty apps to cast that).

With the V1 you would control Tidal from the Tidal app, so in effect that is Tidal connect.
The NAP100 is a neat visual match for the V1, but as you wouldn’t need to spend money on a streamer or a preamp, why not push the boat out and get a 250?!

Yes having had a 250DR we know how good it was. It would easily cope with the 8 ohm MAs.

Not going to rush into anything as there are loads of (too many!) options for around a £3k budget.

Can’t see 82/HC/250 olive being bad, have not listened to a Nova, things like 72/HC/140 look fun and are clearly well liked combos, and a 202/200 (or better) from classic range would be a step up.

Sourcing good older boxes could be an issue, I’d be very fussy on condition.


FWIW I have a 555/552/500 setup in my main system and the Nova/LS50s in my office. As long as I don’t switch between the two back to back, I don’t really miss anything in the Nova. It’s mostly background music, with occasional “stopped working” for a track or two. For me given I use Roon, the new streaming platform is such a win, it makes it easy to play on these two systems and also the Muso in the kitchen. I tried the Nova in the kitchen for a bit, but because there is so much ambient noise of fans and cooking etc, the Muso ends up being better. I particularly like playing radio paradise while cooking then moving it to the main system for while we eat.


What about NDX, NAC 202 and NAP 200? Secondhand values have fallen considerably, I think you could easily obtain all three and have change from £2,000. Factor in the sale value of the SuperUniti, and it would be a very affordable upgrade.

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We moved on from 272 because of Tidal Connect in lounge. So another gen1 streamer not really a preferred option.

202/200 definitely an option as the amp setup. Easily obtained at a budget. I had not considered trade in, the SU seems to sell for 1000-1200, I paid top end (serviced, new screen) and it is mint.

Also very interesting to hear @Dan360 opinion, another vote for the Nova.

Maybe trying to achieve a great vintage/classic system isn’t the way. Seems to be a sway of support for Nova as a second system.

We must go listen.

The Nova is a nice step up from the SU for sure, but for me it really doesn’t compete with separates for sound quality. I’m not saying you should rule it out, but I do think there are better options out there. I would certainly include my V1/250 in that category, and possibly also V1/200, along with pretty much any pre/power amp you care to mention if fronted by an ND5XS2 or NDX2. NDX2/Supernait would be nice too.
I think the main problem is that you have too many choices. No wonder Naim want to simplify their range!

Having forgotten about SU trade in, perhaps ND5XS2/202/200 for about £4k could be a winner!

Easier to get than older boxes, which I suspect may try my patience having looked at what is available online (despite the dreamy ambitions).

Agree on the choices.

NDX2/SN3 at maybe £6.5k I can’t really justify. Rather put the extra 2-3k towards source upgrade in lounge (for which I am struggling to get any traction with SWMBO :laughing:)

Maybe the NC demo will help, if I ask dealer to start with minimum Olympica Nova :crossed_fingers: Ways and means.

Other threads are relevant.

We compared the excellent Nova that my girlfriend uses to olive (but serviced in the last decade) ND5XS2/82/HC/ 250. The messy separates were considerably better (which is why we shipped the lot to Tasmania). Having previously had 72/ HC/ 250, I’d endorse that combo too, and it’s great VFM.

Older or lesser streamers (Naim or otherwise) may not have Qobuz, which is a pity as otherwise a 272 would be great VFM.

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Interesting to hear Nova compared to 82/HC/250, thanks.

We’ve already had a 272, gen1 streamers are off cards. Whatever we get needs native Tidal Connect.

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When I had a 202/200, it never sounded right without both Napsc and Hicap. If you go the ND5XS2 route, I’d choose the Supernait 2 or 3. It’s far simpler.