Upgrade from Uniti 2

I currently have a Uniti 2 with Neat Motive sx2 speakers and Kudos KS1 cable.

I am thinking of upgrading to a Unti Star but will this be a worthwhile upgrade. This is mainly for the newer streaming platform and future upgrades but hoping to gain an improvement in sound quality.

Is it worth the additional outlay or is there better upgrades.

You need to think about whether you really need the CD player, whether you are limiting yourself to an all in one, and the size of your budget.

I’ve a Uniti2 and a Nova, I think you might notice some improvement in sound quality with a Star, but not by a significant margin. If you are looking at future upgrades, adding a Naim streamer as a source into the Uniti2 would be worth considering, and then swapping in a new integrated amp or separates over time - if you know where you want to end up (not easy!).

If you want to stay with the all-in-one and want the CD player and the new streaming tech, then the Star is a good option.

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Thanks for the replies, my wife uses the cd part of it so I need a cd player, I think it was more convenience that was keeping with the one box.

I have four naim dealers all within an hours drive and three stock Neat speakers so I think some demos will be the first step.

I have Uniti 2 and have upgraded my speakers to PMC 24: very surprising, especially low end extension: Did not expect the Uniti 2 could go that far!

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