Upgrade from uniti2 to Atom - SQ?

I have had my Uniti 2 for a long time, and it has done just what I need very well (SQ, power for my speakers and the app etc all good for local and internet streaming plus radio).
However an extension, re-positioning and the requirement for a TT means the ability to look to something else.
I am mindful that it is a legacy unit and I should really be looking at the new platform. My hearing is not what it was so going further up the ladder is probably a bit of a waste (and would mean spending money I cannot allocate). In my office I have a Unitiqute 2, which is good with the iotas, but the small form got me to thinking of the lounge where maybe an Atom would help with space for a TT (on the sideboard - where it will stay).
So, (eventually) the question is what will the sound quality be with an Atom compared to the Uniti 2 (I understand the ‘grunt’ of the Uniti 2 will be missing but maybe I can alleviate that with a later addition of a NAP200). Will be looking second hand only - its always worked well for me previously with Naim products.
Thanks in advance

Hi, I like my Atom, and it does a great job in a second system in our living room with a pair of N-Sats. The new streaming platform gives you some welcome improvements to sound quality such as access to Qobuz 24 bit material, and a growing number of lossless iRadio stations which are a big improvement on lossy AAC and MP3 streams.
You’ll lose some power compared to your Uniti2 of course. A 200 would solve that, although I think I would look at a better one-box solution if you’re already thinking along those lines, which would mean a Star or a Nova.

Hi @MR_J, I think a lot will depend on the speakers you plan to use and your listening room. I have an Atom with Iotas in my office and it’s very good, but the office is small. In a larger room, you might well find it rather lacking in oomph but this will depend on speakers.

In the longer term, rather than adding a 200, I’d be inclined to consider a sub.


Bit of an ‘old skool’ naim user(CD5xs/AmpNait 5x/Flatcap2) very happy with sound,less so with cable city(!)
Sadly at an age where downsizing is sooner rather than later and with that in mind been looking at the Atom trying to read past the gushing reviews and asking the Naim Tifosi
is it really that good? and more to the point a worthwhile(albeit expensive) upgrade to my current system?

OK, thanks. My only comment is the small form factor of the Atom would suit better, but I do understand the 200 would only address the amp side of things whereas a Star or Nova would give a better overall solution

OK, another way to go with the sub I did not think about, thanks

originally I had the same rig as you, but got the streaming bug and went for a original Uniti, the added functionality helped with the ‘slight’ reduction in SQ. Then after a couple of years upgraded to a Uniti 2, which gave a nice uplift in SQ (especially as the amp gave abetter handle on the speakers. I have now had this set up for the past five years or so - with no complaints. Even got a Unitiqute 2 for the office - which is great. The Atom is really the successor to the Qute and if it was for the office I would have no issues, but it might be a stretch for it to match the Uniti 2. For you I think the Star or even the Nova maybe the level you would need to match what you have. However I do think the new streaming platform will make a difference and obviously is supported with new developments for the short term at least.

Thanks for that advice was /am looking to reduce my box count the Atom doesnt seem to do that also seen a pre owned Unilite on eBay but note the non puck loading disc tray issues
(that’s the very best thing about my CD5xs!) my budget wont stretch to the Star/Nova in these cash strapped times ho hum

I have a Uniti2 and a Nova and the Nova is quite a bit better, by some margin, for a slightly smaller size and form factor. I think with going to the Atom you may regret the loss of the grunt of the Uniti2.

Me too for an atom and n sats.
Lovely combination

I have the Atom paired up with B&W’s 705s2 plus a B&W DB4S active sub. Works a treat.

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