Upgrade from UnitiLite

Hi. I’ve got a UnitiLite that’s started to have problems with a jamming CD drawer. Naim are agreeable to fixing this under warranty although I would be without the unit for a minimum of 5 weeks I’m told. It’s got me wondering if it might be worth considering an upgrade instead, possibly the Atom as most of my old CDs are already ripped to a hard drive on the network. Would the Atom bring an improvement in sound quality? Speakers are PMC 23 floorstanders. Interestingly I did try Tidal on the UnitiLite but it kept freezing so I gave up. I’m told the newer units don’t have this problem. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

I’m having much the same thought and am thinking of the Atom as I no longer play CDs. Interestingly my CD drawer is stuck again (it’s already on one replacement) and the display has also dimmed and died. Even more interesting is that I played less than 5 CDs after the last fix.
The main issue for me is paying money to fix the Lite before I trade it in. Interestingly my dealer has suggested that I leave it as it is is I just stream and use the app!

That’s interesting. I certainly wouldn’t want to go through the inconvenience of sending my machine away for a fix if it’s likely to fail again in such a short time, whether Naim are honoring the warranty or not. I suppose I could fix it to sell it and upgrade anyway. Interestingly the original dealer appears to have folded and since 're opened. On contacting them they declined to help saying they were no longer Naim dealers. Fortunately there are local alternatives but it would be good to get some input on sound quality of Life vs Atom along with useability and reliability of ownership thoughts on here if at all possible.

Well, mind made up. Back the Lite goes for a service which includes the CD drive and my dealer has been accommodating with a demo Atom - can complain. Evidently the displays were in short supply but this should be fixed. The Lite has been the only piece of Naim gear I’ve had over the years with reliability issues so I guess I can’t complain!

At least you can ear the diference for future decisions… :+1:

Drawer problem is very often with Unitilite.

Yep this will be the second draw so just as well that I no longer play CDs!

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