Upgrade from XP5XS to 555ps

Hi all,

I have Naim Ndac with XP5xs for many years and i love the sound so much. I have a chance to buy a secondhand 555ps (without burndy), is the improvement significant?

Can i use my existing burndy cable to connect 555ps and Ndac?

Thx a lot

The improvement will be massive.

When I demoed the NDS I had an XP5XS running my ND5XS.

The dealer started the demo with the XP5XS powering the NDS. We later swapped to the 555PS. There were 3 people in the room and all 3 jaws hit the floor such was the uplift in performance.

The dealer told me much later on that it was the best power supply demo he’d ever done such was the difference.


Yes it will be a significant improvement. What source are you using?

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The S-XPS burndy supplied with the XP5XS will work with the 555 on the nDac.
Enjoy the 555 is special and will lift the nDac performance into the stratosphere.

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I echo all the these comments. I made exactly the same upgrade and its the kind of change that even the casual listener will notice immediately. But then it should as you are adding a power supply that would have originally cost at least double what the nDAC would have cost. I do see nDAC and 555PS as end game which in itself provides its owns satisfaction and cure to source upgrade(itess) as an additional bonus!


If you want to sell the XP5XS you may find that this is slightly more problematic without the Burndy but they are easy enough to source on t’bay :grinning:

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Lumin u1 mini with LOS > Naim BNC > Naim nDac


The 555PS is the best PS by far. Haven’t used the XP5XS but have used the XPS and XPS2 and the 555PS is in a different league. Use mine with my NDS but have used it on my CDS3 and it sounds fantastic on that too!


I ran my nDAC with a XP5XS for several years. I had an extended home demo of an XPS2DR and, while it was better than the XP5XS, I felt the performance upgrade didn’t justify the price. In my view, the XP5XS delivers 80% of the performance of the XPS2 at half the price. A while later I tried at home a 555PS (non DR). While I had the 555PS for a week, in truth my decision to keep it was made in the first 5 minutes of pressing ‘play’. The uplift in performance was stunningly good. So, like other contributors to the thread, I’d encourage you to go for it.


Thx so much. Really helpful comment

Agreed. Recently replaced my XPS2DR with a pre loved 555DR to power the NDX2, it has proven to be a very significant upgrade, certainly beyond my expectations.


Stop it!!! lol You HAD my dream system, now you’re making me spend more money “in my dream”


Then you’ll feel pressured to get the LUMIN u1.:hear_no_evil:

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