Upgrade journey from 2020 to 2021

I though I’d share my ugrade progress/journey in case other folks are pondering the same or in similar circumstances. Over the past 6 months I’ve upgraded my aging system of nac 112, nap150, cd5. It was unloved and unused. But have now upgraded to nac202, nap200 and nd5nx2 (all px with preloved units, except the streamer which as new) and connected to our TV via optical cable. The streamer was a buzzer but my dealer exchanged it for a new one no argument. The difference has been transformative ! SWMBO and i now listen to music virtually every night and for TV, decent hifi beats any sound bar. Of course this opens up a number of obvious upgrade paths but right now I’m so pleased i took steps sort our system out. Love the naim sound. Speakers next, spendor a4s in the frame for a listen to replace my aging ae109s.


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