Upgrade NAC152XS to NAC202

I have the opportunity to buy a second hand NAC 202. I am currently using a NAC152 XS on my NAP 200. I already own a power supply device from a not to name Naim competitor which will function as 2 HiCaps and a NAPSC which I am currently using on my NAC 152XS. What can I expect upgrading my 152XS to a NAC 202, leaving the rest unchanged?

Amps do not create any sound, ancillaries do.

I’d look at 282 Instead. The 152 to 202 won’t be much of an upgrade, if at all.

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I read that the 552 is just a 152 with a load of extra buttons on it, and they sound the same too. :woozy_face:


They don’t sound just the same :rofl:

If the deal for the 202 is very reasonable you have little to lose as you can always move the 202 on again and lose next to nothing. I’d agreed with James that the 282 is where the pre-amps get really interesting but this is clearly a larger investment.

I’m not really qualified to comment on your non-Naim power supply as I have always used the correct ones - if you’re prepared to trust Naim to supply the amps why not trust them to make the best power supplies for them?

202 will be an improvement, no doubt, but I would wait until you can get a 282.



Skip the 202.

Had a 202 for years - perfectly good but not great IMHO.

Enjoy what you have but aim for a 282. It really is worth the wait.

A few years ago I demoed 202/200 against my 152/155 and for me the improvements weren’t enough to invest. I jumped on the 272/250 bandwagon and haven’t looked back.

Thank you for all your remarks. I decided to buy the NAC 202 and replace the NAC 152 XS. To me it was a definite improvement: wider soundstage, firmer and deeper low end, more detail and blacker background.


I went from SN2 to a 202/200 and it was quite an enhancement in detail. Get some good DIN cables. =)

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