Upgrade: Naim Nait XS 2 > Naim Supernait 2 w/ B&W 805 D2

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We will see. :wink:

A friend of mine, who ownes a SN2, will come by in 2 weeks.

Will test in my setting/room & provide further feedback.


Any recommendations reg the cables?

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I ran a ND5 XS 2 with NAIT XS 2 into NEAT Motive SX2 speakers and it sounded mighty fine at low level listening. Adding a HiCap DR improved things even further. This was with using NAC A5 cables.

I maybe agree with others here in that perhaps an easier more efficient speaker maybe a better avenue to explore. Maybe try and avoid a speaker with a bi-wirable crossover too boot. Single wiring is a whole lot easier to deal with and get right from the outset. Best of luck.


I’ve found Kudos Ks-1 to be very effective and excellent value for money.

Just a brief update:

  1. changed the amp to a Supernait 2
  2. added a external DAC (Chord Qutest)
  3. Interconnects: (a) Chord Shawline RCA & (b) Chord Shawline BNC

In a nutshell, I am more than happy with every single step. Reviewed quite some different amps + streamers & DACs (due to the fact that I am still in love w/ B&W sound - hence no change of LS in plan).

IMHO I have fixed the missing detail issue reg. the soundstage especially till 830 o’clock. Never heard a better setup in my listening room so far.

Thank you all for your response(s).


To whom it may concern:

Added a HiCap DR to separate the SN2’s preamp & bring a linear PSU (Sbooster MK2) for the Qutest in the system.

What a lovely soundstage, level of detail & airness.

One additional observation while going through every single upgrade path: a HiCap DR has more leverage/impact in combination with the Nait XS2.


I liked that XS 2 + HiCap DR combo, I went to that from a Supernait 1 in fact and prefered it over the SN1 for some time. Later the XS 2 was replaced by a SN2, I’d be happy with that combo in a second system still.


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