Upgrade - next step

Hi all,

Currently I have NDS+555PS+ 282+SCAP+NAP250 + Spendor D7 (first generation) speaker.
All PS + NAP 250 DR-ed. Full loom Lumina cable.

Always upgraded my gear step by step and would like to do so even now. Unfortunately, I could not afford let’s say an 552 preamp but would appreciate your opinion on how could I improve the sound a bit. Changing pre ? Changing speakers or something else ?

Thanks for your replies.

If it was me I’d be swapping out the 250 for a 300. Then later down the track replace the 282 with a 252.


Do you have Fraim? Dedicated mains? If not I’d do both before swapping boxes.

I agree with Praggers regarding the change of power amp, but I wouldn’t bother with a 252.

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