Upgrade on Spendor A6s

I currently have a Nait XS and Flatcap XS. I’m looking to sell the above speakers and get another pair of floorstanders which are smaller and have a less forward presentation. I’ll probably be buying second hand and will have a budget of between £1000-1500. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks

I can’t comment on the A6, but I tried a pair of A5s for a short while, didn’t like them at all, and took them to a dealer, where I ended up changing them for the Kudos X2s that I still use now. One of my main requirements was that they should be reasonably small and unobtrusive. So there’s one for your shortlist, and a used pair should be well within your budget.

Thanks Chris. How do the Kudos’ sound?

Is the main issue size or that they sound too forward?

In my experience Spendors of that vintage are anything but forward and the problem could be elsewhere.

Do you have the opportunity to perhaps try a Supernait in place of the Nait XS as it could be that the Spendors are too much for the A6’s.

The main issue is that they’re slightly forward sounding . I don’t think the amp has any difficulty driving them .

That wasn’t what trickie was getting at. The A6s could be too revealing of upstream components.

“Chord Odyssey 2 speaker cable”
This could also be your issue.

The amp may not any difficulty driving them but the A6’s may be exposing the Nait Xs’s weakness. There’s only one way to find out.

The A series of Spendors of that vintage are not forward sounding, rather laid back and dull if anything but in the right system they can sound really nice.

Kudos is more forward sounding, I actually prefer them over Spendor which is why I changed from Spendor to Kudos but I’m not sure a speaker change for the reason you state will resolve your issue.

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Hard to give a meaningful answer, as so much depends on your own room and system. For me, they sound pretty well balanced, and are not too fussy about room positioning. I first had them with a Superuniti, which was fine, although the bass wasn’t as controlled or deep as as I would have liked. When I upgraded to NDX/282/200, the bass tightened up nicely, and became much better controlled. Then adding a 250DR, they produced more, and deeper bass than I would have believed possible from a 5” driver in such a small box.
Upper mids and treble was a bit harsh to start with, but again, this was tamed by the Naim upgrades and room improvements.

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Too many variables ! I wonder if it is the amp ? The speaker cables are fine I think …

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