Upgrade Opportunity - NAP200 to NAP250DR

A local dealer has good prices currently for the NAP250DR. I’m considering an upgrade from my current NAP200 (which is probably 10-15 years old now). My preamp is a NAC272. I have Larsen 8.2 speakers and the NAP200 does fine with them.

Will I notice a big difference if I move to a NAP250DR or would I be better served looking for an XPS (non-DR to connect to the NAC272?


Personally I would be looking for an XPS first, but why non-DR, other than that it would be cheaper?

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Good point but for me I don’t really want a big investment in 3 boxes and see an opportunity here to remove the older 200 unit for a refreshed unit that will last many more years, in addition to sounding better. If I try an XPS one day it will be an older used one.

Interestingly I can see an XPS DR is also on sale, only a couple hundred less than the 250DR.

I’m not sure if this helps with your speakers but when the NAC-N 272 was current, my dealer thought that the NAC-N 272 with a NAP250DR and a pair of Focal Sopra 1s could be many people’s endgame system.


Ive tried the xps a couple of times and was a little underwhelmed with the results. Then I tried a 555 and that was the game changer I thought the xps may have been.

Personally I would go 250DR as that will probably give a bigger bang for your buck and also makes more sense financially, due to the 200 needing a service soon.


250DR is a game changer with the 272 go for it. 555PSU can come later, it really is all good!


Anything. Go 250.



I’ve made that same step many years ago, also in combination with the NAC-N 272 … my speakers were the Dynaudio Special Forty at that time if I’m not mistaken. The NAP200 is a very capable amplifier, but the 250DR is simply better in every aspect.

A no-brainer if you ask me!

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Thanks for sharing your experience, good to hear from people that made the same switch.


you sure it’s a good idea?
By the time your 272 was being developed DR technology had been well-established.
I bet both of them were tried together and well matched.
If in doubt always choose the matched pairings and/or the latest Psu.
Anyway do not overestimate the plain 272.

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I suggest NAP 250DR (have done that).

I bought my 272 fairly soon after it was introduced. At the time, although Naim recommended using it with several power amps, even a 300, I seem to recall that 272/25DR was the combo most often reviewed and I assume that is what Naim typically sent to reviewers. I always thought of them as natural partners.

By all accounts the NC250 seems to be a step up from the 250DR but that power amp was no slouch. It certainly garnered some very strong reviews. That’s what I’d go for.


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I had 272/XPSDR/200 then 272/XPSDR/250.2 then 272/XPSDR/250DR with Focal 1028be… 250.2 is better everywhere than 200 and 250dr is better everywhere than 250.2… I will choose 250dr over xpsdr but later xpsdr to fully enjoy the 250dr.


I did exactly this upgrade before adding an XPS DR to my 272 and did not regret it for a moment.

Continuing to use the 200 whilst adding an XPS DR to the 272 will probably be less satisfying IMHO, of course YMMV :grinning:.

Best of luck with your decision,


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I would get the 250DR, it’s miles ahead of the 200 which is weak amp imo. It’ll make your 272 sound right. XPS or even better 555PS after.

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Would a NSC222 fit in your budget? The Larson’s aren’t demanding so going source first and swapping the 272 to 222 might be the best way to go. Plus, you get the updated streaming board with Qobuz etc.

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272 is old hat, I wouldn’t build expensive setup around it.

Streamer and DAC market moves rocket speedy, this months wonder is soon taken over by another.

This convinced me to stay away from expensive streaming and DAC boxes.

Larsen are great speakers and not that demanding, unless you have a large room.

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Valid points. As much as I love the 272, and it’s been problem free it won’t have the longevity of other gear. It’s the same situation with any DAC or streamer really.

I went from the 200 to 250, big noticeable improvement.

The other thing to consider is that your 200 may be due a service, so this might alleviate some of the potential cost.