Upgrade path for XS2

Hi all,
I have a modest combination of XS2+CD5i+node3+kefLS50meta, which I really like.
Because I like it I want to like it even more.
Two possibilities:

  • Hicap (former version to DR) new from store in a very good price to upgrade the amp
  • Chord QUtest DAC to upgrade the node

Should I go for one of them? Both?
Does Hicap works with XS2 or only flatcap works?

I’d be inclined to focus on improvements to your source first. I’ve owned a few NAIT XS in the past, even used one with a HiCap DR for a while.
Do you use the CD player much/often?
You could replace that and the node with an ND5 XS2 for example.
Another thought could be to look out for a Supernait 2, that will be a nice upgrade.

Definitely look at the source first here.

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Before buying any more black boxes you’d do well to get some sort of stand that allows you to separate the components and support them properly. You’re not currently hating how good they can actually be.

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I’ve just gone from Chord Mojo to Hugo2 as a source. Gobsmacked at how much more my Nait XS could reveal

I’m with the others here, a stand, they come up often enough on eBay to find a good one, I found a seven level Atacama of all things :slight_smile:

Then a DAC for the Node would be a great uplift.

I run a XS3, a streaming transport into a Chord Hugo sounds astonishingly good through it.

Thank you all.
Agree that a stand is a must.
Will it effect sound quality that much?
Then to upgrade the node with a DAC.
Only question remains- does Hicap old version even works with XS2?
It is just such a great bargain so I would hate to miss it.

Yes, a Hicap will work, but I agree that a rack and a source upgrade should be your priorities.
Also, think about where you want to end up - find a rack that has enough shelves to accommodate your endgame system and choose boxes that will remain useful in the long term. For example, if you like the idea of separates and lots of boxes, get the Hicap. If that’s further than you want to go, maybe just get a Supernait instead.

Never buy something just because it’s cheap. Buy what’s on a logical path. The latest DR Hicap is a big step forward. But the first priority is a stand and then a dac. Naim go to a lot of effort to control microphony, and piling the stuff up in a heap is the best way to ensure you get the worst from it.

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